Uses of Galileo Thermometer and Storm Glass: Then vs Now

The Galileo thermometer was an invention of the 16th century whose principles were derived by Galileo Galilei, a great physician of that century. The thermometer was invented to check the temperature of the outside environment of the sealed glass tube. The glass tube consists of water and some dissimilar bubbles in it. All the bubbles have a tag on it which defines the degree temperature.
The temperature was calculated by looking at the movement of the bubbles in the glass tube. The bubble of what degree is floating to the top, what all other bubbles are there in the bottom, and which bubble is floating in between the two. It was found that whatever will be the temperature outside the glass tube, the same temperature bubble will float in the middle of the tube separated from the others. This was how the temperature was calculated.
The Storm Glass Uk was an invention of Admiral Fitzroy who was also the scientist of the 16th century. The storm glass was invented to look out the weather conditions. It was the tool to forecast the weather at that time. The storm glass was also a glass tube but the ingredients in it were somehow different from that of the galileo thermometer.
Storm glass consists of distilled water, ethanol and potassium in it, which later turns into the crystal in the bottom of the glass tube. The forecasting was done by looking at the changes in the glass, because those crystals change their shape and indicate a particular climatic condition.
That was about the 16th century and from then on the technology has changed so drastically that these inventions now are helping many businesses to grow. Let’s have a look at the uses and of galileo thermometer and storm glass :
Presents or Surprises :
We see the trend nowadays that everyone is giving their ones a photo frame, flower vases, gadgets, etc. but somewhere we ignore those antique products that were used earlier in ancient times.
Well in such a trend how about giving your ones the Galileo thermometer and storm glass, I think they would love it if you would introduce this piece of the invention to them. Share those ancient science inventions with them and make them aware of those facts that were looked before the invention. Having knowledge of science from where it was started is also necessary.
Home decor:
We always go with the wall painting or sceneries, a flower vase or a photo frame to embellish our home. But sometimes we forget to go with some distinguished products. And how, I am too unaware of that!!
So let’s go with some of these products which would enhance the beauty of our home even more than before. One of them is the Galileo thermometer and storm glass. It was an ancient invention by physicians of the 16th century Galileo Galilei and Admiral Fitzroy. Make the use of this Galileo Thermometer and Storm Glass as a part of your home decor. Your home will look more glorious than before.
2 in 1 one product:
Gone were the days when we used to buy individual products. The era has changed and so does the technology. Now, we can have 2 in 1 product for ourselves, wherein we get 2 products under the purchase of one bill and that too with some discounted price than off purchasing 2 different products.
This 2 in 1 product includes one such antique product which has been an ancient discovery back in the 16th century named Galileo Thermometer and Storm Glass. This is something distinct and I suggest one should carry this ancient invention in our homes and see how things were in the past.
If your child is in the habit of doing some kinds of experiments at your home and if your child does not love doing inventions then this piece of the invention is for you. Yes, you read it correctly, that wasn’t a mistake!
Make your child aware of those ancient inventions done in the 16th,17th, or 18th centuries. Make them walk through those times. Teach them how the galileo thermometer and storm glassworks. Check if the ancient piece is still working in the same way as of earlier. These are something that should be there in your child’s memory. Teach them the differences between modern and ancient technology.
Let’s not forget the roots of the technology and those scientists who made things easier for today’s generation. If they wouldn’t have done those inventions, the things would not have looked so easy as we are seeing.
It is important to keep these things as a part of general knowledge, these are some inventions which should not be forgotten.

Make sure you never fail to remember the Galileo Thermometer and Storm Glass.
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