What are website redesign checklists for 2020? Where can I find website redesign examples?

Today, people are getting advanced so, they attract with creative and innovative websites. So, website redesign has become an essential move to rank high your website on Google search engine optimization. To get high profitability from a new business, you should apply the following checklists. This checklist helps you to tackle a redesign project that will not hurt search engine optimization or conversion rates.
  • ‌Identifythe goal:-Before starting redesign project, you should identify your goal of your latest business. Your goal should be realistic and reliable. Check from where and how you redesign your website.
  • ‌Start something trendy:- once you fix your goal, then you have to implement your plan into action. Look for the changes you want such as brainstorming idea, creativity, images and videos with visual graphics. You should research about the prevailing trends that attract audience.
  • ‌Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP):-AMP is popular nowadays which helps your website to load faster than your previous website. In 2019, it plays a key role in mobile first indexing.
  • ‌Temporary URL set up: While updating or redesigning your website, you must ensure that there will be temporary URL present on your website so that users will look upon your website. It will prevent you from the business losses and carefully cultivate your search engine optimization.
  • ‌Audit your current website:The redesigning work is applied on the existing website. You probably need to know that which area need to update and which area is strong enough that doesn't need to redesign.
  • ‌Responsive design: Web developers and designers are working on websites from many years. They have experience where and when the website need a change. Every year innovation and technology create something new. So, 2020 is the year, where you can extract your ability and become a leader by creating never before ideas.
  • ‌Machine learning process: Machine learning is the ability to know about the data handling and process which allows you to extrapolate data trends. It works much faster than the human analyst data. Various technical giants are also indulged with these artificial intelligence systems such as Google and Amazon.
  • ‌List pros and cons of current website:Before starting redesigning process, you must take a note on pros and cons of your current website. It includes the sensitive areas where your website does not response. It also includes quality, logo and responsiveness of the audience.
  • ‌Test your website redesign:-After redesigning, launch your website and do frequent changes for several months. If you never done redesigning before then web developers also help you in quality assurance testing whenever you need. Always keep your technical staff ready to fix the bugs and issues upon launching your website. By using tracking method you can also see how your website is performing and get the reports of errors to your teams. You can also make changes if you are losing people.
There is great deal of technology and advancement which proves that 2020 is the year of changing the artificial technology to manage the cost of professional services. We will ensure you that you will have a great experience with our professional services of website redesign.

Where can I find website redesign examples?
In this digital marketing wiworld, there are various marketing insights, strategies and executive plan that motivate people to visit your website. The outcome of these marketing tools will ensure you with high profitability and making your brand popular among audience. Following are best examples for website redesign.

‌Yellow pages:-With fewer clicks, you can check the outcome of your redesign effort that will help you to enhance findability. It means you need to click less to reach the desired information. You can also take a look upon the old design of the website and the new one. It will enhance the users experience and help you to achieve the desire goals.

‌Sixapart:- It has changed its page layout structure as well as color. Search box is well- positioned in the new design. The resign looks and feel elegant and valuable than before.

‌ThinkGeek:- In its latest redesign, they include vertical navigation menu and typographic redesign. On the search box, you need lesser eye and mouse movement while searching on the site. Site has fixed page layout and incorporates with useful features which makes it more beautiful than before.

‌Mozilla:- Mozilla Firefox is using notable innovative design with latest techniques and additional features. It includes new features such as E-mail newsletter and highlighting feature contents. It reduces hyperlinks and use whitespace between design elements that looks less cluster.

‌Blinksale:- It optimizes the conversation rate which quickly discovers the path to signing up by the new visitor. You can compare the old and new website. In redesign, logical sequence for the visitor has arranged with ideal eye flow.

So, redesigning of website is the significant technique to attract more audience. If you want to see your business at new heights then you should contact us for ultimate website redesign.
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