What Does Baby Movement Feel Like?

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Baby movements are one of the most exciting pregnancy periods for every woman. The movements are important because they are a reassuring sign to the mother that their baby is healthy and developing. However most pregnant women wait for these special moments but are never sure what they expect to feel or what they are waiting for. This kind of feeling is mostly experienced by first-time mothers than second or third-time mothers because these ones at least know what baby movements feel like.


Baby movements are sometimes a response to what happens in their surroundings. The movements can be stimulated by -
  • Too much noise
  • Light
  • The smell of some strong foods
Babies also move or kick when they are stretching because they need to stretch often for relaxation.


Most pregnant women start experiencing baby movements in the second trimester (between 16-25 weeks). The first movements which are referred to as “quickening” are not so strong therefore the mother will hardly feel them but they become stronger, slower, and long-lasting as the baby changes position and grows bigger. First-time mothers sometimes don’t feel their babies move until week 25 of their pregnancy but second tie mothers will even start feeling the kicks during week 13.

Babies tend to frequently move when the mother is in quiet positions especially when they are sitting or lying down. During the 2nd and early 3rd trimester, baby movements are stronger, frequent, and distinct. Nevertheless, the kicks are limited or decrease during the 3rd trimester at around during week 32 because at this time the baby is growing bigger and has less room to move around in the uterus.


Baby movements are sensational and they excite pregnant women. Most pregnant women don’t have an exact word to explain what baby movements feel like. Every woman has their own experience therefore describes this feeling using their own words based on how they felt when their baby moved or kicked.
  • A flutter- baby movements feel like a little flutter which is very easy to miss especially during the first pregnancy.
  • Wind or tickles- because they happen so fast and not stronger during the early stages that you hardly realize that it is the baby moving. One minute you feel something another minute you don’t feel anything.
  • Butterflies- pregnant women will say that they felt as if butterflies were trapped in their stomach or little tender butterflies aimlessly wavering their wings in the womb
  • Bubbles or a rippling sensation of tumbling internal motions that sometimes happen so fast and other times so hard.
  • Popcorn popping or a goldfish swimming in the stomach
  • Hunger pangs or gas
  • Nervous twitches
  • Indigestion
Women who are have been pregnant before can easily differentiate between just a sensation and a baby kick or move. It is also important for expectant women to understand that just as pregnancies are unique so are baby movements. For this reason, they shouldn’t expect the same experience as what their friends or other people say they felt.


New mothers are often faced with mixed feelings when the baby kick or moves within them. To some, it would be such an exciting moment to feel the moves while to others, it would be a frightening experience. Some enjoy the baby movements, until the baby becomes 30-34 weeks and the movement intensifies causing pain to the mothers. Sometimes, the movements are so severe for hyper babies making their mothers lose their breath or feel like the baby is chocking them or exerting pressure on the lungs. All these are just different experiences mothers face when the baby moves. It is important to note that every pregnancy is unique and each mother faces different experiences in terms of baby movements. 

Therefore it is recommended to contact your gynecologist client or surrogacy agency in case of a surrogate mother. Sometimes the baby might move vigorously and turn to the wrong side prompting for a massage to help the baby turn to the right side for delivery. Sometimes the baby movement may mean that the mother will have to undergo a C-section to deliver the baby since it moved so much until it got stuck on the wrong side for delivery.
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