What is the difference between Android and Android One?

What is Android One? Many people do not know about it. And many people are not fully aware of it. There are many different things about Android One. But only a few people have complete information about it, but today we will tell you about Android One in this post.
And it comes with Qin Qin. Along with this, what is the difference between Android and Android One.how does it work?

Many people understand this. Both Android and Android One are the same thing. but it's not like that.

There is a difference between Android and Android One. Earlier, most people in India did not know about it. But Xiaomi ne Mi A1 has launched a new mobile.

From which android one has come in trending. After the launch of XiaomiMi A1, Google also told this. Key Android one is designed with a simple interface and optimized for Google Assistant and other Google services and for new updates. And from the beginning Android One was launched, then the price of all smartphones was kept the same.

Android One was first launched by Google in 2014. When people did not know much about it. But slowly people came to know about it.

But when talking about Android One mobile in India, for the first time in India, Android One's mobile was first available by companies like Micromax, Karbonaur Spice, Google provided new designs of hardware and software when initially Google gave this design to these companies.

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The price of those smartphones started from around 6,299. And when Android One was launched for the first time in India in September 2014.

Then his CEO announced. The Android one is designed with the Indian logo in mind. But later it was also launched in many countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Philippines, Bangladesh, Nepal.

 Whatever mobile of Android One version comes. All those mobile stocks come with Android. You will not find the Custom UI inside those mobiles. The official UI of Google is the same you will find on the Android one device.

You only get the same stock Google apps. Which is already installed on your device. Apart from this, you don't get anything different from this.

New Android Updates

If you also have Android One Mobile of the new version, then inside that mobile you get new updates of Android, like we once talk about Xiaomi A for example.
In this, you have Android One. This device launched you in Android Nougat version. But in this you get new updates up to Android p.


Which new devices come with Android One. Google picks up the hardware of all those devices. The way software works.

Accordingly, the correct hardware is finalized. Whatever hardware and software are used in smartphones. Google tells them all. Just like it happens in its own pixel smartphone.

If you are thinking that I get something new, then there is no such thing, in this you only get new new updates because its hardware and software are very good due to which your smartphone gives very good performance.

And all the work would have been done the same way. Like Android mobiles work. Android one's smartphones work in the same way.

And the rest works like Android. Different from Android One, its version is official. And that is used in Google's mobile and it is very good.
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