What is a garden tractor and how should one use it?

Garden Tractors are an upgraded version of a lawn tractor. A lawn tractor does help with light yard works, whereas Garden tractors are designed to do heavy yard work, "suspension," "towing heavier loads," "tilling" and "plowing snow." Lawn tractors and Garden tractors are very different when it comes to size, power, weight, and money. Graden tractors come with a minimum of approximately 24 horsepower and capable of doing heavy work like cultivating and loading. It includes larger back tires, which helps increase stability on a maximum of 15% slopes. However, if you have a higher slope than 15 percent, you might want to consider other tractors. Garden tractors are used to plow faster and quicker, cutting grass, plowing snow and dirt, and hauling loads.

What to consider before buying? 

When you are buying a garden tractor, you need to make sure it meets your requirements and gives you a little extra on the outcome from price to durability, comfort to power you need everything in one.
There are few things to consider before buying a garden tractor:
  • Performanceis something that comes at first while buying garden tractors. For this, you have to do vast research and check out multiple tractors to choose according to your work requirement.
  • Different engine styleis also available in the market, including "overhead engine." Diesel engines are the most powerful ones but usually come with a farm tractor.
  • Electric Mowershelp if you don't have a huge lawn, and with the battery-powered mower, you can mow the lawn without noise, gas, or oil.
  • Electric startis today's requirement. It helps with strength and shoulder problems.
  • The size of your propertyis one of the things you need to consider before buying. For one acre of a property, a standard garden tractor with a 42"-46" deck will be exceptional.
  • Cutting heightsare one of the features most people forget to check before buying. Make sure to check cutting heights are adjustable or fixed.

  • Engine size and other features:Buy a tractor with a large engine doesn't mean it will be fast, but it is essential to pull heavy loads. Also, it would help if you considered buying a bumper for your garden tractor to be safe for any future mishaps. Most of the tractors come with hour-meter, which helps maintain your tractor on time to work smoothly. You are going to mow lawn anyway why not do it comfortability. Many tractors provide comfort as well as performance and durability. 
Types of Garden Tractor:
All garden tractors might seem the same, but with different models, brands, and types, it might seem hard to decide which one you want. The best way to choose is to go through features and specifications and then cross-check it with your requirement.
Tractors are divided into three groups:
  • "Compact Tractors."
  • "Utility Tractors."
  • "Farm Tractors."

  • |Compact-Tractors|
Buying a compact tractor is entirely different than buying a car. The model, year, and mileage aren't as important as power, transmission, and durability in compact tractors. While purchasing a compact tractor, you might want to buy a 4-wheel drive that will provide traction on snowy, muddy, or icy surfaces. It will also add stability on slopes. Compact tractor provides three-to four-cylinder engines up to 44 horsepower. These compact tractors can easily carry heavy loads. When it comes to price, a 4-wheel compact tractor might seem expensive, but it will be worth it with durability, comfortability, and easy to use. 

Maintenance is what keeps everything under control and allows you to use it for an extended period. Even if you buy a new or old compact tractor, you will need maintenance, refill oil, lubricate moving parts, tire pressure, and filters. With every step you take to keep your tractor safe, you will need a shed or store to keep your tractor safe.
  • |Utility-Tractors|
Utility tractors are best for small farm use, and if you know manual transmission, then it isn't difficult to drive a utility tractor. With time and modern enhancement, utility tractors have been built using CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission), which allows you to drive utility tractors as comfortably as driving an automatic car. Utility tractors have more power, large frame size, and pressure. Utility tractors have a minimum of 45 horsepower, and these tractors are best for scrapes and spreaders. You can do a lot more, with utility tractors, than mow. The tractors can cover distance much faster than a compact tractor. Utility tractor provides immense power, which can cause tripping, and for that, safety precautions are necessary, for example, protection structure.
  • |Farm-Tractors|
Farm tractors are also a type of garden tractors with horsepower between 85 to 450. Farm tractors are used in vast lands. When it comes to tractors, you cannot settle at less hp. The higher hp you have, the better it will work, but you need to consider your requirement, and you might want to buy a little bit higher just in case you need more hp in the future. Farm tractors are supposed to be as powerful as a supercar, but instead of speed, its gearbox focus on pulling heavy loads. So, what gearbox does is it take high speed and convert it into lower speed giving tractor to haul heavy loads. Like every other tractor, it requires daily maintenance and oiling as well as a store or a covered area to park it. The farm tractors are built to work on a vast farm with a diesel engine.

Larger yards or more convoluted landscaping require garden tractors. Garden tractors help with heavy stuff with its size, larger back tires, and power. Garden tractor makes yard work much more comfortable than before. However, you need to consider thinking about what tractor you need. If you need to do light yard work, you might need lawn tractor, and if you want a tractor with multiple functions like plowing dirt and snow and hauling high loads, then a garden tractor is the right choice.
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