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Yoga has become a popular form of exercise for both elderly and young people. Yoga has become a popular household activity that one can do easily at home without much use of all those fancy big machines in the gym. Though originated in India yoga has become popular worldwide because of the various benefits associated with it. Yoga majorly involves various body postures or asanas. Every asana or body pose has its own benefit. Yoga not only makes the body flexible, strong, and fit but also has a huge impact on one’s mental health. Hence yoga is both for body and mind and should be done regularly irrespective of one’s age or gender.

Yoga has become quite famous and hence there are many popular accessories in the market for use and one of them is a yoga pillows. A yoga bolster is an important yoga accessory that provides support, comfort, and restorative yoga. Bolsters also helps in some deep breathing exercises. In earlier times bolsters were not popular but some time back the uses of Bloster were discovered and became highly popular due to its importance in yoga. Bolsters helps one in maintaining postures, it kind of provides support to the body while performing yoga as people suffer from maintaining balance in certain yoga asana due to less flexibility hence the bolsters are used which provide support and helps one do yoga uninterruptedly.

What exactly is a Yoga Bolster?

Yoga bolster is basically a cylindrical long narrow cushion or pillow that is placed on a bed or sofa for support. And talking about the use of bolster in yoga it is basically a yoga accessory that is used in yoga by placing under various body parts that provide comfort and help in restorative yoga. Yoga bolsters are of great use to the people who have suffered from some injury and is even useful in pregnancy yoga.

Uses of Yoga Bolsters or Cushion

Yoga bolsters have become a popular yoga accessory and there are a number of ways in which this is used while doing yoga. Apart from providing support and comfort, there is direct involvement of Yoga bolsters in certain yoga postures which makes the asana quite comfortable for the yogis.

For example, let’s talk about Balasana (Child pose) where you kneel on the floor with head touching the floor, staying in this posture for a long time can be little tiring for some so you can use bolsters by placing them in between your thighs and turn your head over one side on the bolster. And let your body feel the comfort of the bolster and stay in this position for some time. Now with the use of bolster, you will not feel tired and will be able to do the asana comfortably.

If we talk about sukhasana (easy pose) though the name itself suggests the pose is easy as you just have to sit crosslegged for some this sukhasana can be very challenging as they might not be very comfortable sitting on a flat surface crosslegged for a long time so here a yoga bolster acts as your buddy and provides support as you can comfortably sit on it and perform the sukhasana and continue your meditation as long as you want. While performing sukhasana you sit on the bolster and enjoy the asana.

There are versatile use of bolsters and can be used in one or the other yoga postures whose ultimate goal is to provide you comfort and help you in your yoga practice.

There are different types of yoga bolsters available in the market made of various ranges and sizes. Nowadays bolsters come in great designs and color which can also be used in your sitting area and add to the beauty of your room.

Choosing the right yoga bolster is an important thing. First of all, figure out why you need a bolster what is the reason that you require a bolster. Things you should consider before buying a bolster are the shape, size, weight, and filling. If you are not sure then take the help from a yoga teacher or yoga expert who can guide you for the right type suitable for your body
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