5 Perfect Ingredients to Make Vodka Collins Cocktail at Bar

This vodka Collins cocktail is a part of a whole family of cocktails, one of the oldest and most illustrious. The Collins family of cocktails are essentially lengthened versions of sour cocktails. So, you have got your base spirit with the citrus and the sweetener but then topped up with soda water in a highball glass. This obviously just makes them a bit longer and more refreshing.

Ice is also an important ingredient to make this summer drink more refreshing. You can likewise chill them by placing in the glass door fridges to make a perfect cocktail. Now for this drink, you are going to prepare directly into the glass. So, it really is one of the easiest vodka cocktail recipes you can make.

Supplies needed for this cocktail
A jigger, a highball glass, and a bar spoon.

Here are the ingredients to make perfect vodka Collins cocktail are:

First, you need to prepare the garnishing. And to do so, you’ll need a lemon. So, just cut the lemon, then go back and take as much of the bitter white pith off as you can. You can trim it down a little bit if you went a little bit overboard and ostentatious on it. Moreover, you can use the same lemon for your lemon juice.

You can just add little cuts in the lemon, and it will help when you squeeze. And you won’t need to fight the lemon quite as much.

We also need cherry for garnishing. Because the Collins comes from an era where every single cocktail was garnished with the cherry.  

Simple Syrup or Sugar Syrup
Now grab out your chilled highball glass. Add 1 ounce of lemon juice and 1/2 ounce of sugar syrup.

 After adding lemon juice and sugar syrup, add 1 ½ ounces vodka in the highball glass.

Club Soda
Fifth and the last ingredient to make vodka Collins cocktail is club soda. You need 1 splash of club soda. Top the glass with club soda. You can start with about 120 mils if you have a large highball glass.

Moreover, it’s preferable to add soda before adding the ice to make sure it’s properly mixed. Otherwise, if you add ice first, then the soda, all your booze, and everything else will sit down at the bottom. And it will take a little bit more effort to stir it through. If you add the soda water first, it will be mixed already.

You also need to be familiar with the size of your glass, so that you know how much soda water you want to put in. Generally, we go to just under the halfway point and top it up at the end if we need to dilute it.

In the end, add ice. Add as much ice as possible because the whole point of this drink is to be refreshing. Adding ample ice will make it really cold and will also keep it really cool. So, try and make it, fully packed with ice. Then grab a little bar spoon and give it a stir. If you don’t have a bar spoon, you can simply use your finger if you are at home. But don’t do it if you are in a bar.

Then pop in a straw, grab your twist and give it a little fold over the top. Then pop cherry in as well and you are ready to serve. 
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