Airlines Safety Measures for Soon-to-Board Flyers Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

With airlines recovering from the sudden halt of services during the coronavirus pandemic, it is important that the economy jolts back to its natural state soon. The airline industry has started working on stringent safety measures to ensure that passengers do not come in contact with infected individuals.
But, what exactly are these safety standards? How safe exactly are you?
Here is a list of new additions to the existing safety rules as we try to decode the ways to counteract the COVID infection. Before you learn more about these initiatives for general wellbeing, you can save some on the side with these discounted Spicejet Flight tickets for your next trip.
New World New Rules: Safety During Pandemic
1-Self-Scanning with Boarding Pass Reader:

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Instead of simply handing over the boarding passes to the TSA officer, travelers now need to place the same themselves for being scanned by the reader. This is being done to reduce any physical contact between the passenger and the TSA officer, thus reducing any possibilities for COVID cross-contamination.
2-Separate Bin for Food (X-Ray Screening):

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Whether you have booked your flight with the Air India booking portals or any similar service provider in the air industry, you will get access to separate bins for food during the scanning process. In a normal scenario, food present in your carry-on bag can raise alarms requiring an intervention by the assigned TSA officer. However, you can eliminate the need for physical intervention by removing such items from the bag and placing the same on the bin provided separately for x-ray screening.
3-Pack Light and Smart:
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As a passenger, you can do your part and help the airlines reduce any cross-contamination possibility by packing light. Also, refrain from including things that are prohibited by the airline industry and limit the quantity as well. This will ensure that the assigned officer at the check-point doesn’t have to opt for manual intervention or touch your belongings to remove the item of concern.
4-Six-Feet Social Distancing:
The best way to avoid COVID-19 cross-contamination is to opt for self-practice social distancing while adhering to the guidelines set by your airline authorities. In most cases, airlines have set a 6-feet social distancing norm. This needs to be practiced both during the regular security check at the check-points and even when inside the flight.
5-Wear Protection Gear:
While all officials working at the airport will wear protective gear at all times, it is mandatory for the passengers to opt for facial protection, at least. Apart from this, you can go for gloves or similar accessories to evade any contamination. In any case, prevention is always better than cure, especially when the disease is new to the scientific community with no confirmed cure in close purview.
6-Temperature Check:
Another critical aspect for COVID-19 travel is a regular temperature check of the flight attendants as well as other officials, and airport staff. Apart from this, all passengers will be checked upon entry, and anyone with a temperature higher than normal will be denied entry to avoid any infection possibilities.
Apart from this, routine disinfecting and cleaning of the spaces with regular traffic is practiced by the airport authorities as well as inside the airplanes. Remember, you are your own savior. So, do your best to avoid being contaminated or contaminating others in case you showcase the symptoms similar to COVID-19.
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