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Lightware has pre-built content to give you plenty of options for your construction company's website.

With over 35 complete pages in the Lightware theme package, there is a good chance that you will be able to find the right design for your website in the demo content. If you check out the demo content, you'll find that you can choose from six different website modes, including factory website design, technology-focused construction business, and more general-purpose construction company options.

Whichever demo site you choose for your project, you will have access to a feature-rich homepage layout that is filled with useful elements, such as a slider and video player to welcome your visitors, a feature list to promote your services, and a logo display to work with you. Panel to show clients and companies. You can use the skills graph to highlight your areas of expertise, as well as the testimonial module to express feedback. Of course, since this theme is highly flexible, you can easily choose or choose which element you want to display among the templates displayed on your website's homepage.

Other ways you can customize the look of your website include choosing 13 different title layouts and using the theme options control panel to adjust your site's color, font, and other display setting through the visual interface. Lightweight company WordPress Theme brings a large library of elements that can be embedded in your content. Some examples of these elements include counter and countdown timers, social media integration panels for displaying content from your profiles, and a list builder for publishing your content in interesting ways. Learn more

If you are looking for a completely modern design for your construction company's website, Lightware is hard to beat.

Yellow business

If you want your website to become an online lead generation resource, it is important that you choose a WordPress theme with a focused and professional design. Yellow business theme can definitely help you in this. After installing this theme, you can choosen which high-quality demo homepage layouts you want to apply to your site, as well as which internal pages you want to publish. By working with so many professional templates and layouts, you'll be able to find the right designs for your construction business that appeal to your target audience.

Yellow Business can also help you add all the important content to your site. Thanks to the Bundle Page Builder tool, you are no longer bound by the limitations of the default WordPress editor. You can now use a powerful drag-and-drop interface to create stylish content layouts and designs that will help set up your website without the competition. If you want to take greater creative control over your website like any other build company WordPress themes, Yellow Business includes a selection of pre-built title layouts that can be applied to your website in just a few clicks.

An important aspect of a good construction company's website is a portfolio that can be used to showcase complete projects. Since Yellow Business has more than 15 portfolio design variants, adding this type of content to your website is very straightforward regardless of your web design skills or experience and there is an online documentation and 24/7 help desk to help you if you run into problems.

Yellow Business is a brand new construction company WordPress theme packed with the latest and greatest features.

The modern Wilmer theme has an attractive design that will give your website a premium look while still incorporating all the necessary features of a traditional themed construction company theme. If you check out the Wilmer demo you will find that this theme should work well for a variety of websites for companies in the construction industry. Some examples include construction website options, architecture site demos, and portfolio design of construction projects.

In addition to choosing which demo you want to import to your WordPress website, you can also choose from a variety of title styles, including a full-screen menu option, a menu bar on the left, and a more traditional themed menu layout. You can expand your navigation zones by using the mega menu functionality to display a wide range of content in your dropdown zones instead of just text links. Provides a way to add interactive slideshows to your website
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