Different Types of Rugs Popular in the USA

Rugs can effortlessly transform the look and mood of any room. A bright colored or whimsical rug makes a bold statement whilst a traditional design of neutral patterned rug offers a hint of elegance to the spaces. Rugs look equally graceful in traditional and modern interior themes. They serve as an ideal decor accent for enhancing the existing decor settings, without making any elaborate changes to the home furnishings, this is what makes them a highly popular choice among interior decorators, especially American decor styling. Let's gain a quick insight into different types of rugs that are highly popular in USA households.  

Educational Area Rugs
Educational rugs serve as a great way to encourage curiosity among kids for discovery and learning. Available in a myriad of options such as the alphabet, animal names, modes of transportation and more, these rugs come in vibrant shades that are sure to keep your little one engaged for long. Educational rugs not just bring a cheerful element to the spaces but also offer your child with his or her own special space to do what they like. Alphabet-numbers area rug, animal floor rug, world map area rug, seasons area rug are few of the amazing choice available in the domain.

Sports Themed Rugs
An ideal way to show off your love for sports and team spirit, these area rugs bring a lively vibe of your indoors. These themed rugs blend well with classical as well as modern-styled interior decor and offer a sporty feel to the spaces. Football field rug, baseball rug, soccer rug, basketball rug are just a few of the amazing options available in the niche.

Persian Area Rugs
A fine blend of beautiful patterns, timeless charm and incredible craftsmanship, Persian rugs are highly popular in the USA. Every piece reflecting a unique work of art, these area rugs impart a stately feel to the spaces and elevates the overall aesthetic element of the decor settings. The traditional Persian area rug by Furnish My Place features intricate floral motifs with flourishing vines that beautifully sprinkle across the rug, creating an aesthetically appealing pattern. It is available in a blue color along with borders in the shade of cream that creates a striking contrast, sprucing up the interior settings.  

Abstract Design Rugs
Rugs with abstract patterns have been raising on the popularity stakes because of their soft colors and artistic flair. They flawlessly blend with a wide scope of indoor furnishings and offers a unique pop of grace to the spaces. Abstract pattern rugs are often available in faded hues that offer a hint of sophistication and enhances the existing decor settings. Few of the inspiring designs include charcoal area rug, vintage faded rug and much more.

Contemporary Area Rugs
Rugs bring along an inviting, warm and graceful vibe to the spaces. Adding a rug to your modern decor can pull together all the aesthetic elements and offer a hint of sophistication to your indoor spaces. To complement a contemporary decor setting, unique patterns such as floral designs, geometrical styles and even zigzag lines can work wonders to enhance the visual appeal of spaces by blending well with the furnishings and furniture.

Timeless Rugs by Furnish My Place
Furnish My Place offers a diverse array of rugs, available in a plethora of designs, themes and styles. We offer the finest grade rugs that blend well with most decor themes and offer reliable performance. Find the perfect rug that complements your home furnishings and elevates the aesthetics of your living spaces.
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