FITE TV Brings Combat Sports to Your Mobile Device

A combat sport is a sport that includes a physical combat or a one-on-one combat. This sport includes fighting and wrestling. One opponent gets points by simply either disabling the other opponent or collecting points by means of attacks. Although, this sport is not as common as the traditional stick and ball sports around us. Combat sports can be hard to follow, so as a purposed solution to this problem, FITE TV serves its customers by bringing along all the combat sports in one application so it would be easier and better for you to follow. People can easily enjoy the one-on-one combat or any other such combat sports on their own mobile devices.

FITE TV application is now available on both iOS as well as Android. You can now download the mobile application and stream all combat sports right on your cell phone. It would be much easier and convenient to follow combat sports having it right in your hand. For instance, there are certaina applications for online shopping – assume you want to buy the Drive Jacket online, you could just go to a designated application and buy it whilst saving your time and energy. The same way, FITE TV is a designated and dedicated application for combat wrestling.

FITE TV was launched on 20th of May, 2012. It is currently owned by Kosta Jordanov, Metodi Filipov and Stefan Lilov. The application FITE TV is launched by Flipps Media. The purpose of this app is to serve as a one-stop for all the MMA traditional wrestling, boxing or other kinds of martial arts. The best part is that the app is free to download and allows a wide range of amazing content and a variety of different promotions and leagues to get access to watch all around the globe.

On the other hand, FITE TV application is a portal for pay-per-view content belonging to the same partners. Although, before buying the PPV cards from any of the comparatively smaller fight promotions, the fans might have been given some fans pause. FITE TV is associated and works with the respected Apple or Google ecosystems for purchase.

On the other hand, few of the biggest brands including UFC and WWE, have their personal content distribution channels. Although, FITE TV has created an impressive queue of partners from all over the combat sports. At this moment, these partners include;
  • Ring of Honor Wrestling
  • TNA Wrestling
  • Golden Boy Promotions
  • Legacy Fighting Championship
  • Evolve Wrestling
  • USA Sumo
  • World Arm-wrestling Championship
FITE TV streams more than 1,000 combat sporting events annually. FITE TV has currently about 1.6 million registered viewers on its application. There are many report findings that led to the following conclusions;
  • 87% of the viewers for combat sports on their applications are male.
  • 13% viewers are women ranging from the age of 25-44 years.
  • Casting to the TV streamers device like Chrome cast have been increased over 40% by the time.
  • Boxing event is the most watched event on the FITE TV. Nearly 55% of PPV combat sports buyers are interested in watching boxing on their application. 40% are interested in wrestling and another 40% are interested in MMA.
Recently FITE TV launched a new ROKU channel. ROKU channel offers completely on pay-per-view idea and has a video on demand programming for its new channel. It was launched on 5th of October 2017. ROKU channel has about 5,000 hours of video on demand. Those videos on demand consists of mixed martial arts, boxing, wrestling, and pro-wrestling.

FITE TV is currently the leader for the combat sports and has been rated quite generously in the books for its services. It features the best of MMA, boxing and pro wrestling. It consists of a downloadable application on all iOS and Android. You can also visit the website

FITE TV consists of a calendar for the upcoming five live fights that you can add to your list to watch live. Users are easily sign up for free on FITE TV and get access and start watching the amazing combat sports available on FITE TV. FITE programming is now available on pay-per-view and consists of ad-supported basis.

Our number one priority has always been to give fans the best streaming experience out there and the addition of a ROKU channel completes FITE cross-device compatibility for even a greater viewer experience”, commented by Kosta Jordanov – FITE CEO.

Till this point, the FITE instant programming protocol has supported ROKU channel in the face of a media player. Although, the FITE mobile app for both Android and iOS has discovered the ROKU players itself and allows the viewers to cast the videos to their ROKU devices through their Wi-Fi.

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