Harnessing the Power of UVC-Based Technological Innovation to Fight Covid-19

Log 9 Materials — Manufacturer of India's leading UV Disinfection Product "CoronaOven" — is looking for Business Partners in Indore

Indore, 23rd June 2020: While the number of patients infected with Coronavirus continues to soar across the nation, a few of our larger states including Madhya Pradesh are constantly struggling to flatten the curve, while unfortunately noticing a regular spike in the number of Covid cases. As per recent statistics, Indore — the most populous district of Madhya Pradesh –- had off late emerged as a hotspot and contributed substantially towards the state's overall Covid-19 tally. As the "unlock" phase starts, health experts are raising alarm (more so for the transmission hotbeds) and calling for greater amounts of precautions to be taken.  

At this point in time, Log 9 Materials Scientific Pvt. Ltd., a Bengaluru-headquartered start-up, with its novel UV disinfection/sanitization product "CoronaOven", is looking to expand and reach out to the masses in Indore. In view of this objective, Log 9 is currently interested to partner with local businesses and/or organizations that can help the company in optimizing the distribution, marketing and impactful deployments for its CoronaOven-branded products.

Notably, CoronaOven is the leading UV-technology based disinfection product in the Indian market that has been tested and certified in terms of proper UV-C dosage application by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)-empanelled Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Central Scientific Instruments Organization's (CSIR-CSIO) laboratory. The product has also obtained certifications/validation from a few other reputable intuitions, including The Indian Institute of Science ((IISC) - Bangalore

Mr. Akshay Singhal, Founder & CEO, Log 9 Materials says, "In the last few months, the progressively worrying pandemic has transformed our perspective and awareness towards health and hygiene. Keeping in mind the urgency of the situation, we at Log 9 had ideated, designed and commercialized this solution to prevent surface-to-human transmission, called CoronaOven, in a record-less timeframe. Now that we have already gained credibility in the market and established CoronaOven's efficacy to destroy Coronaviruses and other pathogens from various types of surfaces, our next goal is to reach out to the masses in critical regional markets, especially towns or cities like Indore which have been badly hit by Covid. This is in lines with Log 9's vision of aiding India's collective fight against the virus."

CoronaOven is a first-of-its-kind disinfection chamber that makes use of UV-C light of specified wavelength in combination with significant design parameters to disinfect surfaces from germs, bacteria and viruses; this Made in India product, which was engineered primarily to destroy the viruses that belong to the Corona Family, prioritizes on safety/reliability and is also chemical-free. The 360-degree, multi-focal UV-C illumination by CoronaOven ensures that each point of the surface of an object (placed inside the chamber) gets sterilized and pathogen-free, without any compromise whatsoever.

The product has been enlisted on Government of India's e-marketplace portal (GEM), and Log 9 is also working with government agencies pan-India, like Niti Aayog, State Police Departments in various states, CISF, etc. and even donating the product to government hospitals, so that maximum front-line workers of the country can benefit from the product and chances of community spread could be minimized. Till date, the start-up has sold more than 2000 units of CoronaOven product variants across India, with 70+ orders from Indore alone. As of now, Log 9 is focusing on optimizing the supply chain and delivery of the product to the customers, mass deployments of the same, and also coming up with advanced and customized product variants of CoronaOven to suit the requirements of various B2B and B2B buyers.

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