Homefoodi goes 100% Online Pledges No-Contact at every Level

Homefoodi has moved every dimension of their business online to ensure a complete contact-less ecosystem of home chefs, vendors, delivery partners and company employees ~

New Delhi, June 08, 2020: Homefoodi, a Noida based e-commerce start-up synonymous to India's 1st Mobile App for Authentic home-made food made by Home Chefs has transformed to incorporate No- contact at every level of the organization. The brand will be carrying out all their services Online to ensure no human interaction for the Home Chefs as well as the Consumers.

Homefoodi’s foundation is based on the mission of “Ghar-Ghar Start-Up” and the brand has successfully created India’s largest self-employment opportunity for women by offering a work from home platform for Home Chefs.

Safe and healthy food made in hygienic home kitchens differentiates Homefoodi from other food delivery apps that are aggregators of restaurants and commercial kitchens. The on-going societal condition has convinced most individuals to undertake a ‘Healthy and Fit’ lifestyle and Homefoodi in the process, aids the same by providing healthy and hygienic home-cooked food.

With the increased number of Covid-19 cases, ‘remote working’ commonly termed as work from home has become the most viable option in order to maintain social distancing. In the wake of the current situation, Homefoodi has moved every dimension of their business online to ensure a complete contact-less ecosystem of home chefs, vendors, delivery partners and company employees in compliance with the government’s mandate to maintain social distance at all times.

Undertaking this transition has helped Homefoodi become a 100% safe organization.

Narendra Singh Dahiya, Founder and Director, Homefoodi commented “Homefoodi is an organization built around Health and Hygiene. Our Initiative of ‘No-Contact’ at every level is our commitment towards the safety and well-being of our Consumers, Partners and Employees".

As part of the No-Contact initiative, Homefoodi has undertaken the following measures:

1.  CHEF ENROLMENT: All aspiring home chefs can submit their registration form online on Homefoodi’s official website. Once registered, Homefoodi team reaches out to them via video conferencing call to interact with the home-chef and check for cleanliness and hygiene of their kitchen. A contact-less delivery mechanism ensures food tasting samples are collected and sent to Food auditors. Once approved, the company assist in obtaining FSSAI Online. Once the Chefs are verified and have their FSSAI registrations in place, all agreements are sent digitally.

2. TRAINING WORKSHOPS: All chefs on-boarded on the platform undergo a 100% online training session under expert trainers which were done at physical locations earlier. Regular consumer insights and feedback are shared online with home chefs to help them improve. Home chefs can reach out to the company 24/7 through the phone and online mediums.

3.  VENDOR PARTNERSHIPS: Homefoodi ensures that Home Chefs do not have to step out of their homes for any grocery needs, packaging material or for delivery. Home Chefs can order online from trusted and verified partners who then deliver it to their homes through contactless delivery.

4.  WORK FROM HOME: To ensure the safety of the employees, all Homefoodi employees are currently working from home and will continue to do so till the end of the Year. Every employee is well equipped with the right IT infrastructure to engage with the ecosystem online.

5.  ONLINE ORDERING: Homefoodi home chefs follow strict cleanliness and hygiene standards. All Home chefs accept online orders from consumers and the pick-up and delivery is made contactless.
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