How to Use Parental Controls to Create a Safer Digital Environment for Kids?

Parents of school-going kids should stay connected to their child’s activities, but it is also challenging to chase kids and follow their daily routine tasks. They demand new things, including tech gadgets or smartphones. A recent survey shows how the internet can influence the kid’s mental health with visual content or any other inappropriate content. 

If we talk about development skills, the internet helps a lot to learn and develop the skills of the kids. The internet connects people with the world and supports the kids to discover the new conditions of life.

Going digital is good, but we should always consider its other side too because it can affect the teens. But the question is how to provide a safer digital environment to the kids with parental controls.
Don’t worry.
You do not need to get worried because we will share the important factors to keep the kids safe, but first, we should understand what is parental control.

Parental control:

Parental control is the solution to keep the kids safe by restricting internet usage, screen usage, video game addiction, smartphone usage, etc.

What is the reason to follow and restrict the kid’s online activity?

The danger is present everywhere, whether you are crossing a road or using the internet. If we talk about the teens, they know little about the internet; they want to try every aspect of the internet like, make new friends, explore new websites, uploads pictures, etc. But they should know about the danger of the internet.

Teens can misuse the internet and access inappropriate websites. Parents should know about every activity of the kids and should restrict the illegal content.

Parental control includes many features like:

Live location: Most of the time, parents get worried about the kids and want to know where they are. The parental control solution helps the parents to check the live/active location of the kids.

Text messages:  It has become crucial for parents to know the conversation between the kids and their friends. If anything involves illegal subjects, parents can identify immediately.
Call Recordings: Now, parents can discern who is in contact with the kids and learn what they talk about.

IMs: Protect the kids even from online messengers. They can get in contact with strangers and can share personal information that later can turn into cyberbullying.

Social Media Activities: Everyone knows about social media addiction even teens seem attractive to social media. Parents can monitor their online activities and can make sure they don’t share their data.

Contacts: Teens can get involved in a bad company. So, its parent’s duty to protect the kids from molesters by checking who is in contact with their kids.

And many more.

A recent survey shows that 90% of the cyberbullying takes place over social media platforms. We can see how much it can affect the kid’s mentality.
To create a safer digital environment, parents should also teach teens how they should behave and why they should not share personal data. Parents should talk to their kids as a friend, which can help to build a strong bond between them.

What important facts that a kid should know about the internet?

  • Do not share personal pictures
  • Never reply to threatening messages 
  • If any person tries to get in contact, ask personal data, then kids should share this conversation with the parents. 
  • Never share your password
  • Don’t trust anyone over social media platforms
  • Kids should know that they should not get in touch with any person online without parent’s permission 

If kids tell their parents about any online activity, parents should concentrate on their words. In the world of the internet, kids can get in trouble, but parental controls can give a reliable and safer online environment to the kids.

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