Smartphone Gimbal Accessories Usage Tips For Beginners

Smartphone gimbal accessories can be a useful addition to your video shooting equipment collection. However, unless you know the right way to use gimbal accessories, there's unlikely to be any major difference in the quality and consistency of your videos. To shoot like a pro, you will have to first learn how to use gimbal accessories. If you are just beginning to explore your camera skills, here are some smartphone gimbal accessories usage tips that will help you achieve better results.

Don't use gimbal for every shot: When you own a gimbal, you might want to make maximum use of it. However, you need to remember that gimbals are not to be used for each and every shot. Smartphone gimbal accessories are meant for specific situations, for example, when you are using the camera on the move or shooting at a difficult angle. For situations where you need to focus on a specific person or object, a simple tripod will produce much better results.

Ensure story continuity: Every video you shoot will have a basic story. A gimbal will be very useful if you want to ensure proper continuity in the story. This is even more relevant if there are multiple characters and objects in the story and you need to frequently switch between these characters. For example, if you want to make a video from your pet dog's perspective, you can walk behind your dog and use the gimbal to capture the footage. This will provide the audience a more realistic view of what the dog sees and experiences.

Avoid vertical movement: Commonly available gimbals don't control vertical movement. These only cover tilt, pan and roll. If there's vertical movement, your videos are likely to have a bobbing effect, which does not look good. While shooting videos using gimbal accessories, you need to ensure that there's minimal vertical movement.

Practice regularly: Even when gimbals are largely automated devices, you will still need some practice to use them in the most appropriate manner. Although lightweight, holding them for long durations can be laborious. With regular practice, you shall be able to get optimal results with smartphone gimbal accessories.

Last but not least, you need to ensure that you have a good quality smartphone gimbal. If you end up with the wrong product, you won't be able to achieve desired results. While cost can be a factor, you should avoid focusing solely on pricing. You can evaluate a wide variety of smartphone gimbal accessories online and choose the one that best suits your specific needs and requirements.

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