Solitaire ring, what is it and why is it called that?

Frequently in the different trades words are used that within the context in which they are used have a different meaning from the common one. This also occurs in the jewelry trade and the reason why some rings are called "solitaire rings." However, it is curious to know that, contrary to what you might think, the ring is not solitary, but "solitary" is the brilliant one that wears.

What is 1 carat solitaire ring?
The first thing you should know is that in jewelry you call solitaire the way in which it is set to a brilliant. Any jewel set with a single stone is a solitaire, which does not necessarily imply that this jewel is a ring, the piece may be a bracelet, earring, necklace, cufflinks for men ... However, there is a piece of jewelry that links more frequently to this type of setting. Here this is about the ring. As you all know, the solitaire ring par excellence is the engagement ring.

Solitaire ring types - Engagement ring
As already mentioned in the article, Engagement or engagement rings: how to choose the best, the engagement ring is a jewel with many meanings paired and it is precisely the stone with which it is made, which reveals them to you?

It all starts with the diamond; this gemstone is a perfect symbol of purity and the strength of love. Furthermore, this type of diamonds perfectly symbolizes the firmness of the bond that is created between lovers. How could it be otherwise, that a ring looks like a solitary and exquisite set diamond also has its meaning? Specifically, it expresses in a very beautiful way the union of two people in one.

Another important point of engagement one carat solitaire ring in London is that, although there are rings of this type in various colors (yellow, red and white gold), those preferred by brides are made of white gold.

Ring types: men's solitaire.
In addition to the solitaires set in engagement rings, normally given to women, you can also find designs for men. This time, they do not have a loving meaning, but rather aesthetic and fashionable. The truth is that, this type of ring has conquered the male public and setting trends. In fact, more and more people are aiming to wear one of these solitary rings on their hands.

The men's solitaire generally has a powerful and strong design for which it is necessary to use more precious metal than in the case of engagement rings. It also changes the color preferred by them, who usually opt for yellow gold although there are models in different colors.

The 1 ct solitaire diamond ring engagement offers numerous aesthetic possibilities of jewelry , from classic to set with the diamond claws and arms half - round or knife, most modern with diamond set in tension or in open bezel and with wound arms.

The CAPRICHO diamond solitaire is a model made of First Law Gold, white or yellow, also feasible to manufacture in platinum when the diamonds are above 0.30 carats. The brilliant-cut central diamond is set in four claws to a very contemporary setting, ideal for young women.

If you want to buy a solitaire, visit more reliable website – choose design place order online or visit jewellery shop to buy the same.

If you have decided to buy a solitaire ring, you can go to the jewelry store that has opened to the public. In this way, you will find a complete selection of designs that Bespoke Forever would make the delights of anyone.

It does not matter if you are looking for an engagement ring with a solitaire diamond set, or if your mission is to buy a men's solitaire ring in the city, smart team of professionals will be happy to advise you at the time of purchase. Their mission is to turn your visit into an experience.
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