Types Of Easy To Wear Sarees

Sarees play an essential role for Indian women, they are the number one traditional clothing worn by women across the country it is an appealing garment that is comfortable enough to suit the clothing requirements of various functions and is usually the staple clothing option.

This 6-9 yard fabric may seem like a difficult choice but many women love to wear it as an office wear, daily wear, or auspicious occasion outfit. There are some must-haves that act as all function wear.

Here the list of easy to wear sarees


Crepe is a stiffy material that almost feels like a synthetic fiber but is actually made from silk blended with either cotton or wool to give a desirable feeling fabric that has a silky but tough property to it.

It is best for making many-colored or multi-colored sarees that are both attractive as well as comfortable enough to be worn throughout the day and on a daily basis for traditional women. Almost every design and printed pattern you can think of can be applied to this fabric to give it a greater appeal.

Casual outings will not be a worry anymore, all you have to do is put on one of these, they are easy to pleat and even easier to drape, no wonder why they are so popular among all women from different corners of the country.


Netting sarees are a stylish ensemble to wear to every fashionable occasion, these are weddings, receptions, parties, and will fully show your feminism and grace in the most elegant way possible.
Netting is a fabric that has large spaced holes between each other, these are created by making a loosely woven fabric.

Due to this the colors look very light but can also be decorated however you want it to be, this includes embroidery, stonework, and beadworks. The flexible nature of the fabric will have you draped up and ready to celebrate in no time at all, also you can try some modern draping techniques to wow the crowd and have them wishing they were wearing a netting saree and for once you can be the most stylish girl at the party.


Jacquard is made from a cotton blend and provides a fabric that is heavy enough to be worn for a range of functions including casual wearing with friends and family. It has all the benefits of cotton material, it is a cool breathable fabric, easy to wash, dries fast, and still looks good after many years of washing and wearing. The thick material does not form wrinkles easily and does not need ironing like most other fabrics.

Neutral off-white colors look best in this as it is the natural color of the fiber if you like other colors be sure to get them in summer pastel shades to suit your mood. The weight on this material makes sure it will stay in place and not come undone in windy conditions.


Silk is the country's most loved fabric and it definitely shows in all the ethnic garments made. This valuable fabric is produced in several states of India and this is how we get different types of silk for clothing purposes.

Known for its smooth and shiny looks, it is also a pleasure to wear such an expensive material. Ideal for wearing to weddings and other important events since it is easy to decorate with heavy ornamental designs such as embroidery, stones, beads, and any other designs that are lately trending on the market.

Such works of art are simple to wear and give the most benefits to the wearer. Once you wear these silk sarees you will never want to wear sarees made from any other material ever again. dark colors are perfectly coordinated with the rich gold handwork that continues throughout the saree.


Cotton is the only fabric you will want to be wearing during the hot summers in India, to remain cool and calm during this time, to cater to these needs, cotton sarees are made in mass scales to keep up with the high demand for them.

They offer the highest comfortability and the best part is that they look stylish without having to decorate them with overpowering decorations.

A simple plain fabric is good enough, or else printed cotton sarees are an appealing sight for wearing to work or for just staying in at home. Also, they are very cost-efficient and can be bought by any woman because it suits all budgets regardless of where you come from. You will feel refreshed and full of energy when wearing these impactful sarees.


Brasso is a special customized technique of producing a design on a saree by actually burning out certain areas on the surface of the material to give a certain pattern or image that enhances the overall look of the saree and the fabric.

All patterns from floral and animal print, to ethnic motifs, can be used to decorate it well. For women who want a unique and not so boring and common saree, this is the best replacement that will keep you up to date and fashionable among all other stylish women.

Best when worn in dark and deep colors that are sure to compliment your body and face. Plus all this is available in addition to the comfortable and homely feel of the fabric on the body, it's suitable for day and night wearing.


Satin is very similar to silk and is a cheaper alternative that every woman should consider having in her wardrobe. It offers most properties of silk just at a cheaper price point.

The colors have a special shimmery texture that reflects light, this would be a great sight at night events like a flashy party for friends and close family. Wearing a satin saree will feel like wearing your own skin, it is that comforting.

As you can see there are several different fabrics on the market that will cater to fashion needs as well as the features that will keep you well comforted during difficult situations regarding weather or fatigue.

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