Best Campsites in Southern California

Nothing tops off a California experience like outdoors under the stars, and various campsites in Southern California convey with enormous characteristic highlights and dull night skies. From sea shore outdoors in the late spring to winter outdoors in the desert, there's a Southern California campsite to visit each long stretch of the year. 

Taking into account both tent and RV outdoors, places like Point Mugu, Palomar Mountain, and Passing Valley offer beautiful campgrounds on the coast, in the mountains, and over the deserts of Southern California. 

For a definitive desert fascination and incredible spots to camp in winter, Southern California's Joshua Tree National Park offers a shocking domain to wake up to toward the beginning of the day. A standout amongst other state parks in California, and the biggest, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park likewise conveys with desert scenes, including Tamarisk Forest Campsite. 

For waterfront outdoors and a relief from summer temperatures, the Southern California coast is loaded up with postcard spots like Souths Carlsbad State Sea shore and Precious stone Inlet State Park. 

Numerous quintessential climbs in Southern California originate from the locale's best campsites. Campers hoping to pack the pinnacle of Mt. Baldy will discover the Manker Pads Campsite obliging—and simple access to Mount San Jacinto can be found at the Plant Valley Campsite close Idyllwild. 

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For lakeside outdoors, look no farther than the banks of Enormous Bear Lake and 100 or more RV and tent destinations at the Serrano Campsite. 
Stake your spot under the stars with our rundown of the best campsites in Southern California.

1. Enormous Rocks Campsite, Joshua Tree National Park 

Encircled by monstrous stones and rock developments, it's anything but difficult to perceive any reason why Joshua Tree is an uncommon spot while remaining at the Kind sized Rocks Campsite.
Empowering simple investigation of the dreamlike desert scene, every one of the 124 locales at Large Shakes are situated close to noticeable highlights of the recreation center, including Skull Rock. Remaining the night at Kind sized Rocks empowers guests to encounter the supernatural dusks of this stone rich district, just as the unfathomably dim night skies.

Pleasing the two tents and RVs, Gigantic Rocks is one of four campsites inside the recreation center that offer reservations during the pinnacle season among October and May. Other reservable campsites incorporate Dark Stone, Cottonwood, and Indian Bay. With more than 100 destinations accessible, Indian Bay is another point of view changing campsite at Joshua Tree, with solid stone arrangements on all sides.

Various crude outdoors openings likewise have large amounts of Joshua Tree National Park, just as a few grew, first-come, first-served campsites. Ryan Mountain Campsite is accessible among September and May on a stroll up premise and offers simple access to its namesake highlight.  Campsites at Joshua Tree offer just vault latrines and outdoor tables. No water is accessible, so those outdoors should pack as needs be.

2. San Onofre Feigns Campsite, San Onofre State Sea shore 

An extraordinary RV campsite on the Southern California coast, the San Onofre Feigns Camping area lines the Pacific Sea with 175 locales accessible. For the most part taking into account camper vans and recreational vehicles, these campgrounds additionally loan simple access to the floods of San Onofre Surf Sea shore—home to the absolute best surfing in Southern California. Other well known exercises from the campsite incorporate sunbathing, swimming, and fishing at San Onofre State Sea shore.

A central hub for Southern California sun and fun, San Onofre State Sea shore additionally has an inland campsite that provides food only to tent outdoors. The San Mateo Campsite has an extra 140 or more locales accessible, and a 1.5-mile nature trail that associates campers to the famous Trestles Sea shore. The two campsites approach flushing water and coin-worked showers.

3. Serrano Campsite, San Bernardino National Woods

Strolling separation to the invigorating waters of Huge Bear Lake inside the San Bernardino National Woods, the Serrano Campsite gives the absolute best lake outdoors in California. More than 100 campgrounds suit tents and RVs at the Serrano Campsite, which is situated close to the Beacon Trailer Resort and Marina.

Mountain biking and climbing are similarly as well known as fishing and water sports at Serrano Campsite with trails like the Cougar Peak Trail close by.

A thirty-mile drive west from Serrano Campsite, and available by means of the Edge of the World Grand Byway, the Dogwood Camping area is another famous spot to go through the night in the San Bernardino National Timberland. Occasionally accessible throughout the late spring and shoulder seasons, the 87 destinations at Dogwood Campsite provide food generally to tent outdoors.

The neighboring and vacationer benevolent network of Lake Pointed stone can be reached from the Dogwood Campsite with a five-minute drive.

4. Green Valley Campsite, Cuyamaca Rancho State Park 

Under an hour west of San Diego, Cuyamaca Rancho State Park gives a respite from the high temperatures of a Southern California summer. Inside the Peninsular Range at rises surpassing 4,000 feet, this increased scene underpins a rich oak and conifer timberland fragmented by wandering streams.

A famous family campsite, the recreation center's Green Valley Camping area highlights more than 80 locales close to the Sweetwater Stream and its many swimming gaps. Climbing openings like the Pine Edge Trail expand directly from the campsite, and every short-term client approach running water and coin-worked showers.

The recreation center's Paso Picacho Campsite is another famous spot to set up a shelter or park a RV, and the Paso Picacho Gathering Campsite suits up to 40 campers. The two campsites regularly include unimaginably dim night skies that are ideal for review the Smooth Way.

5. Manker Pads Campsite, Los Angeles National Woodland 

A typical beginning spot for a standout amongst other climbing trails in Southern California, Manker Pads is a high-elevation campsite close to the pinnacle of Mount San Antonio—otherwise called Mt. Baldy. The Manker Pads Campsite offers natural lodging and simple access to the Mt. Baldy Bowl Trailhead, which offers an exhausting course to the close by highest point. Each of the 21 locales are known to fill on the ends of the week at the Manker Pads Campsite.

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