Camera Accessories For Aspiring Photographers

So, you have got your first DSLR and now want to take up the exciting hobby of photography? Before you go out to shoot, here are some of the camera accessories you should get along with your camera.

A multipurpose camera bag
Most DSLR will come with a basic bag, but that is not enough when you are on the road for long hours finding the perfect subject. So, you need a good camera bag to hold not only your camera but also your extra lenses, batteries, filters and memory cards. The bag can come in the shape of a backpack (which is good because it distributes the weight on both of your shoulders) or as a one-shoulder bag.

A good camera strap
If you are planning to carry just the camera, then a good camera strap is very important. The camera strap that comes with a DSLR is not for long hours; it will be painful after a few hours. So, you need replacement camera straps that distribute weight properly and can be worn in various ways like around the neck or across the shoulder.

Memory card wallets
When you are shooting, the worst thing that can happen is running out of memory. So carrying an extra memory card is a must. If you are not carrying a good camera bag, then carry a memory card wallet. They are highly portable and will fit your pockets easily. Go for ones that are made of high-grade polycarbonate resin to give the cards the best protection.

Want to take the shot of the sun as it rises? Then make sure you have a tripod with you. Buy one that can hold weight little over the weight of your DSLR. If your budget is tight, you can go for the basic ones that just hold the camera; if you are in the mood to splurge then go for the tripods that come with advanced stabilizers.

Another must for anyone who loves photography. If you are into landscape photography, you will need at least two kinds of filters--- circular polarizers and neutral density. For those doing long exposure photography, they need ND filters.

Camera cleaning kit
Not all camera accessories are there for you to take the perfect shot; some are needed to maintain your DSLR. A camera cleaning kit is a must if you want to take care of your camera. The kit generally contains a reusable spray bottle, brush pen, lens cleaner, soft cleaning cloths, and air blower.

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