Kashish LGBTQIA+ Film festival- Must watch Indian short films

One of the most anticipated short films package of Indian short films, which showcases some amazing Indian LGBTQIA+ films of the year. The seven films of the first part reiterates that though the law has been changed and things are improving in favor of the LGBTQIA+ community, but it will still take time to get rid of the taboo attached with genders and sexualities.

1.     BREAK FREE  
Director: Vignesh Raj
12 min / 2020 / India / English / Narrative Short
Thrown out of the house after coming out as a transgender to her father, Satya realizes that in order to be accepted by others, she has to first accept herself.
2.     VISITOR'S LOGIN          
Director: Aditya (Dhaval) Parekh
15 min / 2019 / India / English, Hindi / Narrative Short
Story of a visitor and a local guy who meets for a hookup but finally end up falling for each other.
Director: Ram Shankar
20 min / 2019 / India / Tamil / Narrative Short
Story revolves around the perspective of the protagonist and his thoughts on his relationships and the society.
4.     SOLITUDE (Ekaant)
Director: Swapnil Pagare
6 min / 2019 / India / Marathi / Narrative Short
Manasi, a poet and Sudha, a housewife are deeply in love with each other but the restrictions of the society have put chains around their relationship.  Solitude is expression of their secluded extramarital lesbian affair and poetic recital of first moment of closeness.
5.     FOG (Kohrra)
Director: Ribhu Ghosh
20 min / 2020 / India / Hindi / Narrative Short
16 year old boy, Ronnie lives in a hamlet in rural Haryana, struggling to find his sexual identity within an extremely rigid, patriarchal society; finds solace in the arms of his childhood friend only to see it get snatched away.
Director: Sai Deodhar
10 min / 2019 / India / Hindi / Narrative Short
Karthik harbours dreams of pursuing a path his family chooses not to understand and vehemently dissuades him. When asked to perform at a prestigious cultural event Karthik proudly sends the invite to his sister which challenges the ties between the two.  
7.     MISS MAN
Director:Tathagata Ghosh
25 min / 2019 / India / Bengali / Narrative Short
Manob is in love with another man who is refusing to accept him unless Manob transforms to a woman completely. While Manob’s homophobic father is out to "cure his son from the disease of loving another man" through physical violence. Trapped between the two, Manob has to make a choice between giving up his struggle or standing up for who he truly is!
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