Quick Heal redefines Consumer Security in India

Launches next-generation suite of cybersecurity solutions powered by Privacy, Protection and Performance
  • Reaffirms its commitment to delivering high-end security solutions to Digital consumers against evolving threat actors
  • ‘Privacy Protection Performance’ is designed to protect consumer devices while securing personal data and protecting digital identities
  •  Backed by patented technologies and industry leading features, the new suite is designed to provide best in class protection against advanced threats
India, July 13, 2020:  Quick Heal Technologies, one of the leading provider of cybersecurity and data protection solutions for consumers, businesses, and government, has launched its next-generation suite of cybersecurity solutions for digital consumers. Powered by Privacy, Protection, and Performance, the new suite is designed to safeguard consumer devices while securing personal data and protecting digital identities. With this launch, Quick Heal is redefining consumer security in India as it delivers comprehensive solutions in line with consumer demands and ever-evolving digital and threat landscape.  
In its Annual Threat Report 2020, Quick Heal has highlighted Indian consumers as the most lucrative target for cybercriminals. It has detected and blocked over 1 billion known and unknown threats targeting Indian consumers in 2019, which accounted to over 2.9 million detections daily. In 2020, researchers at Quick Heal observed a surge in the number of coronavirus-themed attacks - mainly in the form of spams and phishing emails - since the lockdown across the country.
On the back of an ever-evolving threat landscape – especially in the wake of the on-going pandemic, Quick Heal endeavors to redefine consumer security through its latest suite of cybersecurity products. Through this launch, it has incorporated industry leading privacy feature across it’s portfolio of consumer security products thereby ensuring a non-intrusive browsing experience.
Quick Heal - The Power of Privacy, Protection, and Performance
Privacy – At a time when data breaches and identity frauds are its peak, online trackers enable data miners to tack information about the user’s online behavior and steal personal and financial information which puts user privacy at risk. In its latest suite, Quick Heal has introduced Anti-Tracker solution for safeguarding online privacy by blocking trackers that collect information like web history (search patterns, websites visited and time spent), personal information (age, gender, family members) and finances (investments, bank accounts, credit cards). 
Quick Heal is also equipped with Parental Control feature, which gives complete control to parents over their child’s online activities, and further help the parent in establishing good cyber safety habits and etiquette among their kids. Besides this, the Webcam Protection shields webcams against cybercriminals who can hack the device for spying. This feature can block all such spying agents and malicious apps from accessing the webcam and thus ensure safety in the process.
Protection – With a multi-layered threat protection approach, Quick Heal’s cutting-edge and patented anti-ransomware technology is capable of shielding digital devices against the evolving ransomware attacks. Besides, it empowers users to recover their critical data in case of a breach. Another patented technology offered by the brand is signatureless behaviour-based detection which leverages Airtificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to proactively identify and block zero-day malware.
With work from home being the new norm, the Wi-Fi router has become the most important device as it powers connectivity to all the devices like laptops/desktops, mobile devices, Smart TVs and more. If threat actors gain access to this network, it becomes easier for them to compromise all the connected devices.This is where Quick Heal’s advanced Wi-Fi scanner, a new built-in feature comes to the picture.The solution proactively scans the Wi-Fi network, maps devices and identifies potential security loopholes in the network. It empowers users with the detailed insights to fix theese issues and and ensure complete security of their home network.
Apart from this, the brand provides cloud-based email security that prevents spam, phishing, and infected emails, whereas other features such as safe banking and web security, ensure that users remain safe and secure from potential threats and cyber-attacks when online – whether banking, accessing information, or just browsing through the Internet.
Performance – Quick Heal has always been at the forefront of providing solutions that ensure maximum security using minimal resources. While traditional security solutions drastically affect the overall performance of the system mainly in terms of speed, the latest product is lightweight, yet powerful to protect the laptops and desktops from threat actors without affecting its performance levels.
It also employs a smart scan function that accelerates the pace of subsequent scans in the system once the initial scanning process is completed. In doing so, it helps detect browser threats, hidden viruses, outdated applications, and other issues at the same time. This significantly reduces the wait time for scanning the device by minimizing the amount of network traffic. Post scanning, users can skim through each of the reports in a simplified manner without missing any detail. 
What’s more? The innovative suite also comes with a Game Booster, a new add-on to the brand’s portfolio, designed to offer users a smooth and seamless gaming experience without causing any interruptions even if other applications are running in the background. This time, the brand has also modified its user interface by simplifying it in terms of looks and functions - thus allowing users to easily navigate and explore other features of the product. 
Sanjay Katkar, Joint Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer, Quick Heal Technologies Limited said, “At Quick Heal, we have always strived to be at the forefront of innovation in the cybersecurity space. Over the years, we have evolved ourselves by leveraging the latest tech advances such as AI and ML to deliver the best and cutting-edge security solutions to our users. As consumers adopt more and more digital technologies, it simply makes them vulnerable to threat actors who can easily bank on this opportunity. We understand this scenario well and thus strive to innovate our products and solutions at every step possible Our latest offering is designed in line with this vision and ensures that users remain secured in all aspects while they step into the world of internet brimming with hackers and spying agents.”

Quick Heal’s latest suite is designed keeping in mind the growing number of cyberattacks, consumer behavior, and, the evolution of the digital landscape. These solutions are aimed at providing seamless and uninterrupted digital experiences to consumers as they enter the new world order and patches loopholes against every possible threat to keep it at bay. Most importantly, the new product also focuses on consumer privacy along with the protection and performance of laptops and desktops – something that traditional security solutions still don’t include in their kitty.  
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