Shalini Bhatia - An Indian Celebrity

•Shalini Bhatia is a well- known name as a professional actor and freelance model. Born on 18th February.
•Shalini had always been ambitious and nurtured the dream of being successful in the beauty and fashion world. The culmination of this dream took shape when she was crowned Mrs India 2019 (Grahsaheli.) After winning this prestigious title the world of modeling opened up for her. Having the looks and the talent for it, very soon she bagged several brand shoots and assignments. 

•She was selected as the brand ambassador of many reputed brands and soon became a popular face for hoardings, especially in Delhi. Not believing in limiting her talent to only one field, Shalini has ventured into other related fields too.  She is invited as a judge for various fashion events; 

•she has starred in TV shows, cinema and TV ads and participated as a panelist in TV news discussions.  She has also featured in various newspapers and magazines.  
Her upcoming assignments include projects with the prestigious Reddwings Productions.

•What started off as a passion and career option after marriage for Shalini now keeps her completely engaged with a surfeit of assignments.  Being the meticulous planner that she is, Shalini ensures that she manages her work life and family life with a balanced approach not sacrificing one for the other.

On being asked what it took for her  to get to where she is today, pat comes her reply – “ Hard work and dedication !”
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