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Today, Gothenburg is home to great museums, unique art, and design studios, which boast famous Scandinavian beauty, fashionable interior design shops, and hip cafes renowned throughout the city. However, these art and design influences are not limited only to museums and design shops, but various elements of the city can also be noted.
Whether it is architecture, its houses, or old historical buildings, every small element is reflected by the grand Scandinavian design aesthetic that is widely discussed around the world.

The former neighborhoods of Gothenburg consist of uniquely designed buildings serving equally unique purposes. Old industrial buildings have been remodeled to serve as art galleries, Michelin-starred restaurants in the local food scene, food trucks serving delicious food, and fashionable coffee shops one by one through the city's many lane streets.

Museum of World Culture

This is a museum that goes beyond your swamp exhibitions. Films, seminars, festivals, work drinks, workshops, live performances - the list of activities seems endless and they range from 'perfect for kids' to the time they grow up'. Admission to the museum is free but most events will cost a small amount.

Museum aplenty!

These include a mix of liberal arts museums, focusing on the region's industrial past, proximity to the sea, and more.

The museum has six floors of art from the 15th century to the present day. It is home to the world's leading collection of Nordic paintings, dating from the early 1900s, and features world-renowned artists such as Picasso, Rembrandt, and Louise Nevelson.

The exhibits here include Asian ceramics, dating back to 2500 BCE.; There are exceptional fashions designed by Alexander McQueen, as well as other exhibits that showcase the museum's design history to the present day.

They are not everything! This includes the AeroSem, located in a 1950 sub trainer hangar approximately 30 meters below the surface of the city. Once serving as Sweden's top-secret defense facilities during the Cold War, it is now home to a museum dedicated to civilian aircraft, fighter jets, helicopters, and more from that era. Gothenburg has a floating museum - Maritima.

Other museums include the Museum of Natural History; World Culture Museum; The Volvo Museum and the Universe - the largest science museum in the Nordic region that brings the universe to you - through loads of animals, nature, technology, and experiments.


This floating museum opens the door to Gothenburg's maritime history. An arsenal of 15 museum ships is being discovered, you can probably spend the day here in search of new things and never get bored.

Göteborgs Konsthall

For contemporary art lovers, Göteborgs Constall is the place to look for thoughtful - and sometimes challenging - exhibitions by new and upcoming artists from Sweden and around the world. There are also lectures, talks and education with a focus on creating dialogue.


One of Sweden's top-secret defense facilities during the Cold War, located in a 1950s hangar about 30 meters below the surface, the aerosome is now a hands-on museum civil aircraft, fighter plane, chopper and more. . Climb into the cockpit and play with control as you fulfill those dreams of being a pilot.

Art and Design in Gothenburg

Gothenburg is also known for its art and design scenes. Whether you are interested in seeing traditional paintings, avant-garde installations or enjoy visiting the opening of new art exhibitions, Gothenburg has plenty of exciting galleries to discover.
For contemporary Scandinavian art, you should visit the Roda Stein Art Center. Fun Fact- This art gallery was previously a perfect junction station which has now turned into an alternative area for contemporary art in all forms.

There is also a popular restaurant - the restaurant Roda Stein which is famous for its meat-free Sunday brunch, as they offer some of the best vegetarian and vegetarian food options.
Another attraction you may not remember is the legal graffiti wall in Draken. Located just outside the Röda Sten Konsthall, this wall features a 41-meter tall sculpture by the artist Per Agélii. Fun Fact - Drake is one of four legal graffiti in Goetburg! Gives the importance to which he truly deserves all forms of art from Kudos to Gothenburg.

For small art galleries, head of Vasstan. In Vasastan, everywhere you look and during the weekend, an opening party is hosted in almost every other gallery in the area. Two of the most prominent galleries in the region are Galerie Thomassen and Galerie Backlund.
In addition, Gothenburg is packed with local handicrafts, iconic furniture, inspirational art, and timeless and contemporary fashion. If you want to bring back a souvenir to keep in your home, Artilleriet on Megginsgaten street has a fantastic selection of furniture and some beautiful items. You can also visit interior decoration shops like Bebop Antique, Belders Hedge and Sintra for contemporary decoration.
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