What Is A Paleo Diet and How Do Paleo Tortillas Make Entry into Mexican Meal?

The quality of land and climate in Mexico makes it suitable for the cultivation of different varieties of vegetables and fruits. Most of them are rich sources of natural antioxidants. Unfortunately, a good chunk of the Mexican population loves fast food over these fruits and vegetables. However, this tendency is getting changed. Nowadays, the Mexican people have become more health conscious than ever before. They’re adding sufficient fruits and vegetables to their daily diet. Besides, they’re becoming interested in the Paleo diet as well. Nowadays, paleo tortillas are one of the most important staples of Mexican meals. Mexican Food Catering Near Me offers paleo tortillas in their menu.

Reasons that Mexican people are getting interested in the paleo diet

A typical Paleo diet is a special kind of dietary plan that includes foods similar to what people might have been consumed during the Paleolithic era. The diet plan mostly includes fish, lean meats, vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts. In a nutshell, it includes foods derived by gathering and hunting. However, it excludes legumes, grains, and dairy products.
Since, a large portion of the Mexican population is suffering from various lifestyle diseases like obesity, cancer, and diabetes, they’re trying to get back to the diet that genetically matches their body. Paleo is based on whole, real and unprocessed foods. And this way, you can reduce or even eliminate consumption of additives, preservatives, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, flavor enhances, and sodium. As a result, body toxins get eliminated while enhancing the intake of essential nutrients.

Key benefits of the paleo diet

Paleo diet ensures several potential health benefits. And some of them are as follows:
  •  Mental clarity
  • Better sleep
  •  Enhanced and stable energy level
  •  Better attitude and mood
  •  Clear skin and healthy hair
  •  Sustained weight loss
  •  Stable body weight
  •  Decreased gas and no bloating
  • Betterments in people suffering from anxieties, depression and other psychological issues
  • Enhanced muscle growth
  • Increased body and mind fitness
  • Decreased risk of developing diabetes, cancer, and cardiac ailments
  • Better immunity
  • Feeling of wellbeing
  • Better glucose tolerance
  • Lowered secretion of insulin
  • Enhanced insulin sensitivity
  • Healthy gut flora
  • Enhanced lipid profile
  • Good absorption of nutrients from consumed food
  • Reduced risks of allergies
  • Anti-inflammation
  • Improved respiratory health for people suffering from diseases like asthma
Foods included in a paleo diet
  • Lean meat and poultry including grass-fed meat
  • Fish and seafood rich in omega-3 fatty acids like mackerel, salmon and albacore tuna
  • Oils from nuts and fruits like walnut oil and olive oil but in moderation
  • Any type of non-starchy vegetables, root vegetables, and starchy tubers
  • Eggs
  • Herbs and spices
  • Sea salt
  • Condiments like mustard, aged Balsamic, Apple Cider vinegar, mayonnaise, less-sugary tomato sauce, salsas, pestos, and wheat-free soy sauce
Foods excluded from a paleo diet
  • Grains, especially wheat or anything that contains gluten; Mexican Best Paleo Tortillas Bay Area are mostly made from coconut flour or almond flour
  • Any dairy products including milk
  • Legumes like lentils and beans
  • Processed vegetable oils like soybean oil, canola oil, sunflower oil and margarine
Considering the fact, if you want to try paleo foods, place an order for them from your favorite Mexican restaurant. You can also try to make them at home.
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