Why do websites loading speed matters in SEO?

The page loading speed of websites has always been a matter of concern for all the website owners, as slow-loading pages can be annoying to anyone. But after the introduction of Google’s Mobilegeddon, the importance of page loading speed has increased by many folds. Now, people pay attention to page loading speed not just because of improved website experience but also for improved search engine ranking. If you do not pay attention to your page loading speed, then you will surely lose search engine ranking, traffic, and trust among your customers.

With Google giving preference to websites with the excellent loading speed and website loading speed directly influencing the search engine ranking, it has become crucial for SEO teams to focus on making page loading speed a part of their strategy. But how fast is fast enough?

Let’s explore everything that you need to know about page loading speed and how much page loading speed is good enough through this blog post.

Page loading speed is one of the most important ranking factors

Google tends to prioritize those websites that provide information for internet users as soon as possible, and Google rewards all the sites out there with better ranking if they have ideal page loading speed.

But one of the main reasons why page loading speed has become a crucial part of the SEO strategy is the influx of mobile devices. If you are looking forward to making the most of your website, you will have to optimize your website for mobile platforms. And during optimization, the one thing that is going to matter the most is your page loading speed. By working with an NJ SEO company, you can improve your page loading speed and make the most of the introduction of Google’s Mobilegeddon.

How can you improve your page loading speed?

The most essential thing that you
 will hear about page loading speed from a good NJ SEO company is your page speed should be fast enough for your visitors. While searching about page loading speed, you may not be looking for this basic answer, but this is what your visitors will be looking for when they land on your page.

One of the best approaches that you can adopt to improve your page load speed is to start using Google Analytics and Chrome extensions. You will need to take a look at your bounce rate in Google Analytics and keep tabs on page load time using the advanced Chrome extension ‘Page Load time.’
You should know that if your page loading speed is 5 seconds, then you will be faster than 25% of the websites out there, and if your page loading speed is 0.8 seconds, then you will be faster than 94% of the websites out there.

It has been told in a video of Google that 2 seconds is the average page loading speed for eCommerce websites, and this statement makes it clear that there is no ideal page loading speed, and even the industry you are working in can have an effect on it. Even a good NJ SEO company will suggest a perfect page loading speed according to your industry, and they will consider various other factors as well.

What should be your page loading speed?

You should try to make your page loading speed as fast as you can, but you should never compromise visitor’s experience while trying to improve your page speed. Since many factors will affect your page loading speed like your hosting provider, your server, image sizes, theme, and type of CMS that you have chosen, you will have to work with a good NJ SEO company to get palpable results from your efforts.

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