5 Best Movies About Pandemic to Watch-- Learn How to Survive Next Pandemic

Many young people did not know what pandemic means before it happened. Coronavirus 2020 has changed the way we used to do the job. The way of our shopping and the lifestyle as well. Many people saw a big change in their life after the pandemic. Many people lost their loved once but in everything bad, there was a good thing as well. Many nations who were fighting in between were joining hands to fight with this situation. Pandemic is not an easy thing to survive and many people think that corona is the first pandemic faced by history but that is wrong. There were many pandemics before it but people did not know about them. There are many movies realized before this pandemic about the survival of pandemic. In many movies, the message has been delivered that high tech laboratories made these viruses by themselves and they have hidden bankers for their employees and scientists to make vaccines in case of an outbreak. This is true in today’s word, many big laboratories have their bunkers underwater and deep into the forest. Thus, sit back for once to learn through Netflix and Chill. 
Globalization and its Effect

Nowadays many businesses are working on a global level and people go to different countries to purchase and sell their products. People go from their country to other countries for a job and tourism as well. All these things had added up to the risk of another outbreak. In old times it would take years for a pandemic to affect all the countries. Sometimes there was pandemic in some countries but some were clean. That was because of distance and travel barriers. Now you can visit the whole world in a few days. But back then you have to travel through the sea and that took a long time to reach and no multinational companies were working to increase the globalization. Now all being said, we can see there are a lot of chances for another pandemic in the near future. A few years back EBOLA came into existence and affected many countries and economies. But this pandemic was much bigger than EBOLA and we do not know how many viruses are living out there that can kill a human being and spread through the air. According to the scientist there are millions of virus frozen in the ice of Antarctica and because of global warming ice is melting down and there are chances we will face big pandemics in the near future. So you need to be prepared for what is about to come. For that, we have selected Best movies about pandemic to watch to learn about survival and much more. We will update you about the coming pandemic movie on your website. The pandemic 2016 is at number one in our list and we will give a short update about the story of the movie. 

Pandemic (2016)

This is a cult classic zombie outbreak movie. In the movie, a mysterious outbreak happens when a virus that could overtake a human brain and force it to kill other living creatures takes over humanity. Some people survive the virus and this story is all about those people and difficulties they face during survival. When they survive some good people survive and some bad people who survive and this is a fight between zombies and those two different kinds of people for survival and who will stay alive on the surface of the earth. Movie pandemic 2016 has many scenes that will give you goose bumps all over your body. This is a must-watch movie if you want to survive the next zombie attack. There are several games on pandemic as well that you can play to learn about the surviving skills. That is why this movie is on number one on the list of Best movie about pandemic to watch

93 days (2016)

This movie is also about the zombie outbreak in Nigeria but it has its own thrill and characters. This movie deals with the efforts of a medical team to prevent the virus from spreading this movie was inspired by the EBOLA outbreak. The medical team makes an effort to stop this virus from spreading but could not stop it. In a few days, the virus spread all over the major cities with a population estimated 21million. And then the real catastrophic scenario begins, where you also have to focus not to waste electricity and rather save it. The movies have many ups and downs but it is worth watching and it will give you a glimpse of how quickly your life can change from heaven on earth to heal on earth. This movie motivates you to appreciate all the good days you spend on the earth you do not know when a known person will go into some cave and take virus with him and that virus that was sitting a million miles away from you will kill you eventually just because a man wanted to explore the cave, you can die. 

Last days (2013)

This movie has a different genre but it is also about a pandemic that could kill you instantly if you come in contact with it. The virus is airborne and when you go out in the open air you will die. These movies show the struggle of lovers who were separated while the outbreak happened and now they want to unite again and using underground tunnels to get to each other. The story has many turning points where you will your chair rest and sit straight. This movie gives Goosebumps as well. This will tell you about the struggle of different people who want to unite with their families who survived the outbreak movie

Flu (2013)

This movie begins in South Korea where a virus outbreak happens and the city was lockdown instantly. People living in could not go out of the city and the virus was spreading quickly. The movies show the efforts of the government to stop the pandemic but failed and the person infected with the virus only has hours to live. They will vomit blackened blood and then die. The movies are one of its kind. Very dramatic and very interesting stories of several people trying to get out of the city are shared in the movie. This is one of the best movies to watch about the pandemic. We will also update about the coming pandemic movie latter on. We hope that you have found the list of best movies about pandemic to watch on your weekend, and if you are going to spend much time on your chair watching these, it’s better to order a gaming chair that will not strain your back. 

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