5 Useful Tips to Increase the Life of your Vehicle

Engine Oil

Engine Oil is efficient for your vehicle so it works more smoothly. Frequent  Change is the best way to keep your car in good condition. Not changing your oil on regular bases can result in poor engine performance, voided vehicle warranty, or even worst-case scenario (a complete engine failure).
It's an expert opinion that we should change the car engine oil after every 3,000 miles (4,828 kilometers) or 3 months interval. However, if your car is old, check the engine oil weekly and inspect it thoroughly as old cars can have an oil leak.

Recently, some newer technology cars are produced with electronic oil monitors that notify the driver when it’s time to change the oil. engine oil can also be checked by the traditional dipstick method.

Check Tire Pressure

Car tires are an essential part of the vehicle, enabling the vehicle to roll down the road smoothly. You need to examine your car tyres and tire pressure. It is very important for your safety but also to increase the life of your tires with greater endurance.

Tire pressure is something you need to keep a check on constantly. It is affected if the car covers a long-distance or there is a rise or fall in temperature. Checking the tire pressure is an easy task, Here’s the easy way to do it:
  • For an accurate reading, examine your tires when they reach a cooler temperature. Checking it right after a drive, won’t give an accurate reading. It is essential to let the tires rest and get cooler before you take a reading.
  • Go through the reader’s manual to keep the recommended tire pressure and keep the tires to the suggested level regardless of the tire brand. Many people fill the tires to its maximum PSI, it increases the risk of a tire blowout.  PSI level is there to indicate the highest volume of pressure a tire can withstand. 
Inspect tires monthly

While checking the tire pressure you must check the tires every month to make sure they are in good condition. When examining the tires, you should look at all the following signs:
  • Examine the air bubbles or bulges on the surface of the tire
  • Deep cracks on the sidewalls
  • Depth of the tread
  • The minimum legal depth in UAE is 1.6mm but, consider changing the tires after they have reached a depth of 3mm as it increases the chances of hydroplaning, causes brake problems, and decreases fuel efficiency.
If you get the tread depth below 1.6mm then consider getting new tyres. You can opt for the best tyres in KuwaitJust make sure you have done all the research before buying new tyres,

Car Wash

Car wash is the most overlooked thing when it comes to car maintenance. Many people give significance to engine oil and car inspection but fail to realize issues like rusting, damaged paint, and corroding which usually happens when the vehicle is not cleaned.

To avoid such issues it is essential to wash your car every two weeks or at least once in a month.
Cleaning the body is important and takes the dirt out from fender walls and undercarriage. During your car wash, look for parts like the headlight, exhaust system, or the license plates.

Windshield Clean

A dirty windshield can be dangerous as it can be a threat to not only your car’s life but yours as well, interrupting your sight while you drive.

Cleaning the windshield is a necessary part of car maintenance as it can get hit with insects and cleaning it with your car’s viper can make it even messier which will obscure your sight.
cleaning the windshield beforehand can help you have a clear vision of the road ahead and prevent any mishap to occur.

Examine the windshield of your car on regular basis and if there is any damage or cracks, you should take your car to the mechanic as soon as possible.

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