Buying a Refurbished iPad? 6 Things you need to know

Buying a used gadget is a great idea to save a few dollars, it's just the same as buying a second-hand vehicle. Apple products are very expensive and they are never sold on discount. But if you are desperate about having an iPad, you can go with the refurbished one. The Apple refurbished iPad is cheaper than the brand new model and its working performance is equivalent to its new counterpart. 

These products are not the same as what you buy from the acquaintance. They are 100% functional and come with Apple’s warranty. Also, Apple provides the product and technical support for these products, which is not given by any other shopkeeper on used products.
The refurbished products are more trustworthy than the new models, as they have gone through the rigorous cycles for quality assurance tests. If the manufacturer finds any technical or cosmetic fault in them, he repairs them properly. Therefore, there is no question of doubting these gadgets' performance.

Many wonder whether refurbished iPads or other devices are defective products and sold at lower prices due to some technical glitch in them.

Let me explain to you: Apple sells them at low prices because no person will pay the same price as a new iPad to buy an old iPad, whether the iPad is 1 month old or 6 months old. So Apple sells high quality refurbished gadgets at a much lower price than their new counterparts.

If you are planning to buy pre-owned iPad that you should know the following things -:
  • When to buy a Refurbished iPad?
The best time to buy the refurbished iPad is after the launch of its new model, it usually takes place in July. This is because many people upgrade their existing iPad by replacing it during the launch period. So this will be the right time to choose the refurbished model of iPad of your choice.
  • From where to buy a Used iPad?
You can buy the pre-owned iPad from your friends, neighbors, or acquaintance, but as it has mentioned earlier buying an iPad from your known person is not reliable. Because they will not give any warranty for the future functioning of an iPad.
Therefore, it is better to buy a used iPad from the following sources -:
  • Refurbished Apple Store -: Apple itself sells the refurbished in its store, it is one of the most trustable brands. So, you can buy the Apple refurbished iPad directly from the Apple store.
  • Online shopping websites -: Many online websites like Amazon, eBay, etc also sell the refurbished products, you can also consider them while buying the second-hand iPad.
  • Craigslist -: It is the digital online version of classified ads. You can view local advertisements related to refurbished products on Craigslist. Unfortunately, sellers posting ads on Craigslist will not guarantee you an iPad.
  • Third-Party vendors -: Another option to purchase the refurbished iPad is from reputed third-party vendors who buy the gadgets directly from the manufacturer. Some of them also give a bit more discount than apple stores and online shopping platforms.
  • Difference Between Refurbished iPads and Used iPads -:
The key difference between refurbished iPads and used iPad is that the refurbished one has been fully tested and 100% functional, whereas the used iPads may or may not be defective. The refurbished Apple products repackaged in a new white box, on the other hand, used iPads are sold without repackaging.
  • You will have fewer options -:
Refurbished devices can only come to the market when the consumer returns the product due to any minor defect or when the manufacturer launches the new product. Therefore you will have fewer options to buy the product, it will be quite hard to find the model of your choice, especially fancier models. 
  • Three Categories of Refurbishes iPads -:
Depending on their cosmetic condition the refurbished iPad models are divided into three categories. Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C. Out of these grade A iPads look the same as new, there is no scuffing and scratching on it. Whereas grade B & C iPads have little blemishing and scratch on their outer body and may have a little spot on their screen, but they function properly.
  • Refurbished iPads Does not Contain old user data -:
The hard drive of the refurbished iPad is fully cleaned and all data of the previous user is erased from it. The new operating system is reinstalled to the iPad again and every X-user account, such as iCloud account, screen password is deleted from the device.

Conclusion -

There is not any problem with buying refurbished products. But it requires a lot of research to find the model of your choice. It is better to know the pros and cons of refurbished devices before you plan to purchase them.

Author Bio: Jeremy Hills is passionate about building brands for the long term and 
maximizing brand competitiveness to grow value for the business. He is also a copywriter with 3 plus years in B2B marketing and loves to write about emerging technologies and easy solutions for complex tech issues.
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