Common Social Media Myths To Stop Believing Now

The positive but not so positive thing about social media is that everybody has a voice. One of the fastest places to spread a rumour is on social media. Now, you know how misleading misinformation can be, and we are sure you have heard your share of ‘facts’ on social media which are most likely 100% false.
Here are some common myths about social media that you would best stop believing;
  1. Email marketing is out of relevance
Hey! Fat chance. There are numerous social media platforms, but never for once believe that this has replaced the good old email marketing. A large number of people still use emails daily, and there is a steady, daily increase in the number of new emails. In fact, people tend to take emails more seriously and attach more credibility to emails than social media. If you have been ignoring your email lists, then it is time to go back and start building an even bigger list. An email, when used strategically, can boost your campaign and create more leads. Ensure you avail yourself of the social media marketing packages in the UK. It can draw people to your site and cause them to take desired actions.
  1. The main reason for social media marketing is to generate new customers.
Of course, when used correctly, social media will get you new customers. However, you will find that sometimes getting your existing customers to trust you and connect with you is just as effective as getting new customers. According to research, a large number of people join an online page only after fanning the page long before. If you go into social media marketing with only a mind to win new customers, you might end up losing your existing customers.
  1. It is okay to ignore negative feedback and comments
No, it is not okay to do this. Like it or not, people will always go through feedbacks and comments, both positive and negative. When they do this and notice that you tend to ignore all negative comments and only respond to positive comments, it becomes suspicious. Negative feedback sometimes has its merits. Sometimes, new ideas are borne, and mistakes are corrected just by heeding negative feedbacks. Good management knows how to deal with negative feedback in a way that even draws more trust from others. A quick response will nip any blooming negativity in the bud and show that you pay attention to feedback, killing two birds with one stone.
  1. Social media is different from content marketing
This is a very harmful misconception. If you follow this idea, then you will miss out on an essential advantage that can be gotten from social media. There are numerous social media management packages in the UK that aids very effective conversions and sales. Social media is the platform for your content marketing. The two terms go hand in hand and must be used strategically to create results.
  1. The metrics of social media cannot be calculated
If you are looking for a particular number to gauge your social media performance with, then you would not find it. However, there are several other ways with which your performance can be analysed. The insight on a social media post does not get nearly as much attention as it deserves. This should be the exact opposite as a well-researched insight can be the game-changer your business page needs. You can find out the amount of visibility, the gender and age-grade providing the highest engagement, and many other important information. All of these can help you narrow your content for maximised results.  For activities like a brand partnership, the amount of ongoing awareness generated is important. This metrics can be measured from the ongoing awareness.
  1. Limit the value of content put out
This is one serious myth that most small businesses have fallen for. You need to unlearn this now. Most people think that because small businesses and fresh start-up pages have a lower engagement naturally, they need to put out less important content. They think that bigger, more advantaged businesses with better followership can easily steal well-laid content and plan from small pages, and execute it on their page. However, this is not valid.

First, there is a high chance that your bigger competitors already tried your strategy sometime in their earlier days and are just not interested in it. Also, there is the fact that knowledge is not enough to overshadow others. There are other factors to consider. If anything, your small followers will be happy with the quality of your content and your confidence level, and will not hesitate to share your content. This is the kind of slow and steady growth strategy that can cause a huge breakout of engagement in a short while, with the right consistency.

Never reduce your brand’s value for fear of copy. If anything, go all in.
  1. All content represents thought leadership
It is wrong for entrepreneurs to equate all content with thought leadership. Your content is what displays and represents your brand, so it needs to be solid. However, this does not mean that it is same as thought leadership. Most times, your audience just need solutions to their problems. By providing valuable, question-answering content, you end up giving them exactly what they need, which is far better than thought leadership. You need to know the difference between these two, or you might end up misrepresenting your brand with the type and quality of content you produce.
Once you put in the required work and know your strategies, results are inevitable. However, you must get rid of these ridiculous myths as they might be hindering your performance. Use authoritative sources to confirm any information gained online. It can be hard work, but be assured that when the results start coming in, it will always be worth it.

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