Ektara Gurukul Shows Reverence for Ram Mandir Bhumi Pujan with a Music Video

Renowned education centre, Ektara Gurukul, has launched an inspiring music video titled Atmanirbhar Ram Rajya on 4th August 2020. It is now being premiered on YouTube, social media and various other communication platforms. Dedicated to the holy occasion of Shri Ram Mandir Bhumi Pujan scheduled on 5th August 2020, the video has been created by Shri Aakash Biswas and sung by Smt. Aruna Biswas.

The Hindu Lord, Shri Ram, was an epitome of self-dependence. With His blessings and inspiration, Atmanirbhar Ram Rajya has been conceptualised for celebrating and motivating the Ram bhaktas to actively contribute to an Atmanirbhar Bharat today. The organization usually creates many such videos and conducts activities that encourage the present generation to adopt their glorious culture, heritage and values.

This music video for Ram Mandir Bhumi Pujan features both the creator and the singer spreading the joy among Shri Ram bhaktas. It provides a metaphoric visualisation of the thoughts which every Indian Hindu harboured deeply in his/her mind for decades. Keeping in view the present situation of the coronavirus pandemic, the video is more of an emotional masterpiece than holding a production value.

According to Shri Aakash Biswas, founder of Ektara Gurukul, "We believe Ram Mandir Bhumi Poojan is the resurgence of our illustrious Bharat that existed eras back. However, this time, its revival is happening with a new mind-set and zeal."

Atmanirbhar Ram Rajya has been made completely at home with the limited resources available, adhering to all the isolation and social distancing guidelines.

"Everything from recording to producing the video with minimum resources was possible because of Atmanirbhar Prabhu Shri Ram's inspiration," said the singer and co-founder, Smt. Aruna Biswas.

In its journey towards becoming a developed country, India needs not only skilled professionals but also highly creative minds which shall culturally revamp the nation. Ektara Gurukul aspires to educate children and people with the very essence of Desh, Dharma, Karma, Sanskriti and Shiksha that most modern-day schools probably do not impart adequately. It also promotes Bharatiya mool Sanskriti and Gurukul Shiksha Paddhati among the newer generations by sharing Shri Ram's Gurukul stories.

The organisation further envisions transforming India into a Surila Sundar Sanskritik Bharat by nurturing the young minds today. The purpose is to ensure an atmosphere of melodious sound, magnificent visuals and rich culture for the next generations to grow amidst. The foundation stone laying ceremony of the sacred Ram Mandir in Ayodhya is a grand occasion of glory and esteem that every Hindu must rejoice. The Gurukul's video release aims to show reverence, share this celebration afar and reinstate the ideology of Lord Ram once again in India.

Ektara Gurukul Shows Reverence for Ram Mandir Bhumi Pujan with a Music Video Ektara Gurukul Shows Reverence for Ram Mandir Bhumi Pujan with a Music Video Reviewed by Newzpot on 03:59:00 Rating: 5
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