Excel 3D Advanced Technologies Launches XD100 – India’s first “Make In India” N100 Equivalent Respirator Mask

Authentic and safest in response to Government of India’s new advisory.

New Delhi, August 12, 2020: Excel3D Advanced Technologies Pvt Ltd, India, announced the successful launch of India’s first and the only N100 equivalent respirator ‘XD100’ mask which is the innovative, reusable, and most affordable respirator mask.

The XD100 mask follows all the principles according to the Government of India’s latest advisory about the N95 respirator masks with valves. XD100 has N100 equivalent filter efficiency (99.97%) and has got filter at the exhaust valve, hence offers the best protection to the user and the community.

XD100 has been developed after thorough review of FDA and CE guidelines and has been tested at DRDO (DRDE), governments testing facility advisory from ICMR (Indian council of medical research).

XD100 has been receiving motivating feedback from doctors and dentists who have been using it since testing stage.  “Medical professionals are required to wear masks throughout the day, which may lead to headaches and tiredness if the air flow is improper. XD100 is uniquely designed to manage the airflow, along with efficient space for jaw movement and adjustable straps that sits on the head and does not go around the ears. It’s one of the best solutions available today for long hours of use”, says Dr Ramesh Kshirsagar, Pune.

“Healthcare professionals and the frontline staff need to use authentic and best quality respirator like XD100 for their maximum protection. We are proud to manufacture India’s own N100 equivalent mask and to help India’s healthcare community and the society to fight against COVID-19.”Dr Rahul Gore, Consultant Gynaecologist from Pune, Examiner at Kings College and Royal College, London and Medical Advisor for Excel3D Healthcare solutions, ndia.

“We started with two main problems at hand, performance of the product and cost efficiency. While the performance is proved by multiple tests carried out on the product and feedback received from testers, the cost has been capped at INR 10-15 per day considering life of mask to be 1 year. We sincerely hope through XD100 we are able to contribute towards the pandemic and people who are relentlessly fighting towards it” – said Mr. Sameet Raut, CEO, Excel 3D Advanced Technologies.

President of IAAM (Indian Association of Additive Manufacturing) & OMPEG (Overseas Maharashtrian Professionals and Entrepreneurs GroupUnited Kingdom, recently appreciated the engineering and design of XD100 and the XD100 team, (comprising of 3D Printing Veterans and NHS Doctor) were invited to share their success story to motivate the Indian SMSE industry.

XD100 is currently available with regional distributors pan India and even on online platform like Amazon. The demand for XD100 is expected to surge as the awareness increases and the current production is geared to produce 5000 units / per day which can be scaled further to match the demand. Interested distributors write to us at xd100@excel3d.co.in

Excel 3D Advanced Technologies Launches XD100 – India’s first “Make In India” N100 Equivalent Respirator Mask  Excel 3D Advanced Technologies Launches XD100 – India’s first “Make In India” N100 Equivalent Respirator Mask Reviewed by Twinkle on 03:24:00 Rating: 5
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