How to Improve the Corporate Accounting System

Traditions limit the scope of the corporate finance department in most companies. The established manufacturers or business owners prefer continuing with the same accounting processes that persist in the company.

However, the technological advances have transformed the business accounting of every field with the high tech software and accounts receivable technologies. Managing and carrying out the day to day accounting operation have become time and cost-efficient with the help of technological tools.

Many businesses have switched their traditional accounting system to the technological accounting system so have the upper hand over the competitors of a similar industry. With the help of software installation, the normal usual accounting processing like managing the receivables, handling the general ledger, and maintaining the balance sheet has improved in terms of rate of accuracy and speed. 

There are different sub-department the accounting department which comprises the whole accounting system. Companies should concentrate on getting every aspect of the system updated and efficient to improve and sustain the financial of its business by installing accounts receivable software integration for better solutions.

Following are some tips to manage the two main aspects of the accounting system of any company: -

  • Accounts Receivables- The companies having a high amount of customer payments should alter their manual recording of customer payments to the lockbox processing system. Under this process mail the payments via post office which is done through the local bank. This is very beneficial for the company as the company will receive higher interests amount on the payments received. This will compensate for the loss made through delayed payments and will help the company recover from it. The information regarding the payment will be delivered to the company electronically by the bank. For the process to work efficiently the companies need to invest in getting customized software like ar integration for quickBooks for managing their payments through the lockbox process. The software will make all the operations automatic, collect data systematically, and will save a lot of time and cost for the business. According to experts, companies should improve their receivable processes by eliminating the manual accounting system and installing suitable technological tools.
  • Enhance the credit facility- Many companies neglect or don’t check the creditability of the customers before rendering their services or delivering the goods on credit. This issue arises due to the sales force of the company, as they are paid for making more and more sales and not collecting the payments. The problems related to a customer’s creditability can cause the company to incur losses due to an increase in bad debts. The company should formulate a policy of getting the credit check before making a deal or at the time of entry The companies should also install detailed and customized software for the collection process. The software will help keep track of the records and transactions by different customers. 
  • Accounts payables- Accounts payable is the other aspect of the accounting system which needs much attention. The expenses and the payment that is to be made by the company to its employees, as tax, suppliers, etc. 

There are few tips to improve the payables of the company to have a balance between the receivables and payments: -

  • Systematic handling of expense report of the company- The accounting heads of the company should systematically sort their receivable processes for saving time and money. The company should make different payable subaccounts that will help them get a clear picture of the company’s expenses. The employee travel and commuting expense are one of the frequent expense that puts a fair amount of overhead expense portion while considering the overall expenses. This should be taken control of and proper steps should be taken to decrease the overhead expenses.

  • To sort the accounts payable processes, the staff should be trained to send daily or weekly reports of the expenses and sent electronically with the apps like TroveworksQuickbooks integration app. This way the company can evaluate the expenses incurred by particular department or employee and the electronic method will ensure accuracy of the reports which will reduce the chances of unnecessary errors Once the operation related to accounts payable will be streamlined then it will be easier for the companies to cut down on the unwanted expenses.

  • Billing and vouchering of the purchase order- While purchasing or placing an order for the supplies and the raw materials, companies often waste a lot of time due to the insufficient information concerning the order. Then the accounting department has to carry out a verification process to check the vouchers, the supplies, and the bills. This problem of insufficient information and verification process can be avoided by asking the concerned employees or the department to provide the main financial information of the supplies purchased by the company.

  • The accounting heads can use numerous methods and ideas to streamline their accounting processes especially the corporate accounting departments. Moreover, the companies can be benefitted in many ways by modifying their accounting operations, the company will save a lot of time and costs will get paid faster and will have sufficient funds to run the daily business operations. Thus, the companies should get their accounting processes organized by investing digital tools like getting accounts payable and accounts receivable technologies.
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