Indogene- Stories of Indians across the globe by Sriram Devatha

Sriram Devatha is the author of the recently published anthology of short stories titled 'Indogene: Stories of Indians Across the Globe'. The book is a literary tour of the pre-corona world, taking you around the globe to countries like Egypt, Korea, Uganda, and to a plethora of other destinations. 

Here is an excerpt from the interview

What inspired you to write this book?

The inspiration behind writing this book was my love for Geography from my school days and my interest in travelling. Though I have not visited all these countries, my time in London for my higher education exposed me to different cultures and people. There, I not only learnt about the global perspective of how Indians are perceived but also the story behind citizens of other countries with Indian origin. I was supposed to complete the book last year and release it before the lockdown but routine work kept me busy.

Tell us more about your book Indogene?

The book has ten chapters and each one of them is unique.  I have tried to combine history, politics, law and religion, to share stories of Indians dealing with life, love, and loss away from the shores of their home country

The book has  assortment of diverse short stories includes stories of a tourist couple and their taxi driver in a politically tumultuous Egypt, a veteran retracing the shift in his ideological journey along the 38th parallel in the Korean peninsula, a second-generation immigrant family in Uganda wrestles with uncertain times under a dictator who claims to commune with God, a film producer's wife contends with her husband's possible infidelity in the time of MeToo, and other such stories.

One of the chapters in the book is Riches to Rags, which captures the story of Gujarati migrants who settled in Uganda and owned the biggest businesses. And how policies of the country were changed to provide employment and business opportunities to the Ugandans. This slowed the economic growth and led Indians to move out of Uganda.

Tell us about your new upcoming projects?

I am working on two different books — a crime thriller and a political thriller. And I hope to complete them both soon. 

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