Sustainable entrepreneurship with your salon in the beauty industry

Are you someone who cares about the environment and is it your ideal to keep our planet liveable? Do you pay attention to your fellow human beings? If you want to do business with respect for people and the environment, then sustainable entrepreneurship is made for you. Sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship is about the balance between the 3 Ps: people, planet and profit. You do business sustainably because you, as a person and as an entrepreneur, feel that you want to and can make the world a bit more beautiful. You can make a difference compared to other salons. And because of the extra positive attention you receive, you can grow your business and make the world even more beautiful! 

How can you do business sustainably?

As a sustainable entrepreneur your objective is of course to make a profit, but not at the expense of everything.

Choice of cosmetics brand

Choose a cosmetic brand that uses the good things from nature, such as beneficial plants, herbs and flowers. Natural ingredients that support the skin's nurturing and regenerative capacity. 

The term “natural cosmetics” is not protected and can therefore in principle be added to any cosmetic product that contains natural ingredients. Quality marks say much more about the sustainable character of the product. Learn more beauty 

Salon furnishing

Choose new products made from natural or recycled materials or 'high-tech' materials that have the least possible impact on the environment. Or choose used and second-hand products. 


We can reuse at least 90% of our waste. That is why the separate return of raw materials is beneficial. Financially and for the environment.
Would you like to give sold products in a luxury bag? Nowadays, a plastic bag can no longer be given for free, but for paper / cardboard bags you can also ask whether the customer does need a bag, that makes a huge difference! 

Salon lighting

Illuminate your salon with LED lamps. This saves you at least 30% energy. Moreover, LED lighting is strong enough as a work light and you can also use it well as mood lighting. 

Textile in the salon

Organic cotton is almost the same as regular cotton. The difference? Organic cotton is grown without the use of agricultural pesticides as pesticides. This way you save the environment.


Purchase energy-efficient equipment and be more conscious about the use of energy. Wait to wash until the washing drum is really full. Wash at lower temperatures if possible. Do not run the tap while washing your hands. Do all lights have to be on? This way you also save on your energy costs.


Avoid aggressive cleaning agents. Buy green, organic cleaning products. Follow the dosing instructions on the label and do not use too much detergent. 

Corporate social responsibility

Support social causes and involve people who have a more difficult time in society in your business operations. 

What is sustainable? 

Do you find it difficult to determine what is sustainable and what is not? The KeurmerkWijzer app for Android and iPhone shows what a quality mark means and how the inspection is arranged. 
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