Top Places to Visit in Dubai After the Pandemic

The paramedic situation, has taken the whole world by storm since early 2020. It has dealt a crippling blow to every conceivable business sector. Tourism has been one of the hardest hit, with international flights being grounded, extensive and extended lockdown in many countries, and resultant closures of hotels and tourist attractions.

Now, all the countries haven’t been equally affected by the virus. While some nations like the USA, Brazil, etc. are still in a bad shape, several other countries have begun the journey towards normalcy. They have been able to contain the virus and the rates of infection are negative. Gradually, these countries are opening up business sectors and also public places. Some locations have also started taking measured steps towards reopening tourism. Dubai is one of them.

Dubai is a place where tourists from all over the world flock to, in huge numbers. Tourism is one of the driving forces of its economy. Its beaches, huge shopping malls, desert safaris and dune bashings, dhow cruises – all are immense crowd pullers. With the winters approaching, it is the peak tourist season. So Dubai decided to open up its doors for tourism gradually, starting July 2020. And it goes without saying that the Emirate will adopt all the necessary precautions.

Wouldn’t it be a great idea to make that Dubai trip you have always wanted to, right after the pandemic? The restrictions and lockdowns in every country will be lifted, sooner or later. If your country does that earlier than others, and international flights start operating, get a seat for yourself on the next jet to Dubai. And which all places would you visit once you are there? Let’s take a look:

The Red Dunes

The red dunes are located in Dubai’s Lahbab Desert. It’s a perfect place to go dune bashing and sandboarding. The sparkling red sand will leave you yearning for more! You can take a SUV on rent or visit through an organizer. This place is a pure adrenaline rush. And once you are tired with all that activity, cool yourself at the cafes with some iced tea or cold coffee and munch on snacks from all over the world.

For those who would want a quieter way to spend time, get yourself a camel ride. Trot gently through the desert, taking in the sights and sounds. After sunset, enjoy the heavenly beauty of the starry sky up above. Authentic Arabian dinners await you. You can also spend the night at beautifully-furnished desert camps and watch the awesome sunrise next morning.


At the border of Dubai and Oman, lies this wonderful place. Located in the Hajar Mountains, Hatta offers some breathtaking natural scenery. Go for a biking or hiking trip – or simply drive up with your rented or agent-arranged SUV. This place offers something for everyone. The adventure-minded can go for biking, zip-lining, downhill carting, or trampolining. Others can take a gentle horse ride on the mountain trails. Visit the Hatta Heritage Village to get a feel of traditional Arabian way of life that has been constant for more than a thousand years.

Al Ain

Nestled close to the Jebel Hafeet mountain range, this place will give you lots of options for enjoyment. Get a drive up to the summit of Jebel Hafeet (1240 meters), visit the Al Ain Zoo and take a safari there, take a peaceful walk through the beautiful Al Ain Oasis, or viit the numerous museums and archaeological park to get a feel of ancient UAE. The Wadi Adventure Park awaits the brave hearts – with its kayaking, surfing, and white water rafting activities.

Deep Sea Fishing

Never tried it before? Well, not to worry. Take a chance and join one of the deep sea fishing package trips. The vessel would take you out on the deep sea, a fair distance away from the coast. With the blue sky above you and the endless blue sea all around, you will feel peaceful within. And at the same time, the fishing wheel in your hands will remind you of the upcoming thrills – when you catch a big fish. The sense of achievement when you finally get hold of one is incomparable.

Burj Khalifa

 Now, you can’t possibly skip this if and when you are in Dubai. Being up in the observation deck of the world’s tallest building gives you a high of a different kind altogether. You will have to get a ticket for Burj Khalifa to enter inside the building. The panoramic sight of the entire Dubai thousands of feet below you is mesmerizing. You can see far away into the horizon, where the land and sky meet. The 360 degree views that you get will remain etched on your mind forever.

Dubai Mall

Your Dubai visit will remain incomplete without visiting the largest shopping mall in the world. Apart from the presence of all the major brands in the world, another attraction awaits you just outside – and that is, The Dubai Fountain. Watch the water shoot up 500 meters into the air, choreographed to music. And if you can manage covering the mall in one day and also do some shopping – relax at the numerous restaurants with awesome global cuisine and a cool shake.

So – counting the days for the flights to start, are you? We hope – and pray – that the pandemic in your location gets over as soon as possible, and that you can hop on the next flight to Dubai. A magical experience awaits you here!
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