Upgrade your home with these smart-home solutions from ZOOOK

The future has arrived

New Delhi, August 05, 2020: French lifestyle brand ZOOOK has launched a wide range of smart-home solutions that will allow users to transform their homes with future-proof tech solutions. Focused IOT-based smart home gadgets from the house of ZOOOK are priced reasonably, so that masses could access them and step into the future without much ado. These devices together allow users to control and manage various home chores via smartphone or voice command, within the home or while on-the-move. These solutions make one’s home more secure and elevates the sense of “home-sweet-home” to “home-smart-home”.

ZOOOK Clicker

This incredible 35 gram device enables you to turn on/off or schedule turn on/off for more than 80,000 home devices! It can be installed instantly and effortlessly. The users can mute/unmute, control volume (TV) or speed (AC), set the temperature of AC and manage more functions as per device suitability. For connectivity, the device relies on wi-fi as well as a mobile hotspot. The functional (IR) range of the device is 8 meters. Clicker easily connects with smart speakers such as Amazon Echo Dot, Google. Users can also control devices via their smartphones. It is compatible with Android 4.4 and beyond; iOS 8.0 and beyond. Whether you are inside home or on-the-go, users can control devices from anywhere.

ZOOOK Smart wi-fi plugs

ZOOOK has introduced an innovative range of smart wi-fi Plugs with power meters for electronic devices that operate on 10 AMP power and 16 AMP power. These smart wi-fi plugs allow users complete control over appliances while on the move. Easy to install, they provide stable connectivity via your smartphones to generate commands for appliances. Users can also add ZOOOK Skill to their voice assistant speakers, including Amazon Echo Dot and Google Assistant. Once added, users can also operate appliances via voice control. Working as a boon for young workers or new parents, these smart wi-fi plugs with Power Meters allow them to manage home chores without breaking the flow of work or leaving the baby behind to turn on/off appliances. 

ZOOOK Sense and Shine

ZOOOK Sense is a motion sensor light which turns on automatically indicating some movement around it. Sense acts naturally to any movement around it during the dark and lights up to aid the user. ZOOOK Sense is an ideal sensor light for bathrooms, hallways, corridors, bedside, cabinets, drawers, cupboards, etc. Once it detects motion, it turns on for 12-13 seconds. It can track any movement within the distance of 3 meters and 120 degrees. ZOOOK Sense comes with 10 LED lights with an operational life of 50,000+ hours. ZOOOK Shine is a smart bulb with wi-fi connectivity - an A 19 Bulb with B22 Fitting. It is super easy to install and requires no hub to function. Once installed, users can also control its operations via voice command with help from Alexa or Ok Google. Both Google Home and Amazon Echo Dot can be upgraded with ZOOOK skill to perform the desired actions on ZOOOK Shine. It has nine different light shades that can transform the look of your room. With help from the dim option, one can further enhance the ambience appeal.

ZOOOK smart wi-fi bulb and wi-fi plugs will be available during Amazon Prime days at an exclusive price in a bundle with echo show devices.

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