What is the real price of a website? From an e-commerce site?

Each year, the number of websites continues to grow at a steady pace. Any company, association or even independent must have at least one showcase site on which it presents its activity. The problem is that the website creation industry, whether it's an online store or a simple one-page site, is a real jungle where the offers are all as numerous as they are disparate.

Indeed, how is it possible that site creation solutions such as Wax or Jim do focus all their communication on the fact that it is possible to create a website for free when the site I have just launched for my company cost a lot more than 100,000 €? This poses real questions about the price of a website: how to judge and appreciate a website creation quote? How to find yourself in this jungle and find the right service provider, at the right price, to develop the site of your dreams?
Today, I suggest that you deliver to you, according to my different experiences, some information on the cost of a website, depending on the different specificities that you may need. As usual, I will try to be as precise as possible and deal with the different cases:  price of a one-page website, website comprising from 1 to 10 pages, e-commerce site, etc.

When talking about site creation, it is essential to distinguish between showcase sites and e-commerce sites. Indeed, the associated costs will be different depending on the purpose of your site.

You must create a presentation site for your company / association

A showcase site is a site that aims to present your company or your association. It will present your services and will only have a few pages. In this case, you have two possibilities:
  • You call on a freelance or an agency who will create your website for a sum of between 500 and 1000 €. The advantage of this solution is that you own your site. However, as soon as you want to make changes or encounter a bug, you will have to call on this agency again, which will bill you for its intervention.
  • You use a subscription solution such as the French solution Site (competing with the Israeli Wax). You are then a tenant of your site but you do not have to invest a large sum at the launch (Site, it's free up to 5 pages and 11.99 € / month thereafter). Another point, if you encounter a problem with your site, the solution's after-sales service will have an obligation of result in the resolution of the bug, without making you pay.
Both solutions have their advantage. It's up to you to see which one best suits your needs and your possibilities.

You plan to open an online store to sell on the internet

If your goal is to sell products on the internet and generate additional income, then you need to open an online store. Again, you have two solutions:
  • You can use an open source solution such as Prestashop or Magento. These solutions are free but it is necessary to invest between 1000 and 5000 € (minimum) to have it personalized by an expert and to ensure you have an e-commerce site that will make sales. You will be the owner of your site and will have to ensure the operational load (bug, evolution… etc.) which implies to foresee an annual budget for the resolution of the bugs (a freelance generally invoices between 60 and 100 € / hour of after-sales service).
  • You use a subscription solution such as the French solution Wiz shop (competitor of the English-speaking Canadian Shopify web development company). You will then be the tenant of your store and will not be able to personalize it 100%. The solution will also charge you a percentage of your turnover. The real benefit of these solutions is that you don't need technical skills to get started: if you encounter a bug, it's up to the solution to find the cause and fix it. You then have how much your e-commerce site will cost you: the amount of the monthly subscription (27 € / month on Wiz shop for example, or 330 € / year).

My advice:

In my opinion, if you want to get started in e-commerce and start from 0, start by starting with a subscription solution such as Shopify or its French competitor Wiz shop. You will be able to get started quickly and the amount of the subscription (around 350 € / year) will allow you to have a budget to invest in advertising and make your first sales.

As soon as you make more than € 10,000 in monthly turnover, it will be interesting to invest in the creation of an e-commerce site with a solution such as Prestashop. You will then have sufficient funds to invest and especially the budget to manage potential bugs by calling on your agency.

But that’s rarely a point a Starlinks SEO Australia Company will tell you. But it can be detected by the price. High-end equipment and infrastructure are quite expensive. If the host can afford to charge you 3 euros / month for hosting, it’s a bit sketchy.

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