4 Ideas For Staying Connected With Friends and Family While Overseas

Each year thousands of students fly overseas in pursuit of higher education and to attend college. Some of these students travel great distances between continents, while others fly only a few hours away from their home country. Studying in a foreign land is a great experience of its own. It not only allows you to learn from the best universities, but you get to meddle in an environment that is alien to you. However, when you fly overseas for studies, sometimes it can be hard to stay in touch with your loved ones back at home. Let's have a look at a few tips that can help you stay connected with your friends and family during your degree abroad:

Keep Updating Your Social Media

Social media is a perfect way of staying in touch with your loved ones back at home. If you cannot call your friends all the time, you can still tell them about your experience by sharing updates on your Facebook or Twitter. You can also share your pictures and stories on Instagram to include your loved ones in your experiences abroad. Also, a nice practice is to take an hour out every two or three days and have video calls with your family and friends. Technology has made it easier for us to check on each other, why not take full advantage of it.

Financial Help

As a student, you may be able to afford your daily expenses with a part-time job, but you would not be able to cover all of your expenses. You will require the support of your family, and they will have to send you money every now and then. There are several ways through which your family can send you money. Some of these methods take a lot of time, and some of them charge too much. But your family can use western union and can send you a money order online easily which you will get in no time.

Send Souvenirs

Another way of staying connected with your loved ones and letting them know that you have not forgotten them is to send them some local gifts. Remember, you are just sending a souvenir, so there is no need for spending money on expensive gifts. You can go into the local bazaars and can find some souvenirs that are only available in that country. These souvenirs will surely put a smile on your friends' faces when they receive them.

Netflix Watch Party

Thanks to Netflix, you don't have to be in the same place to watch movies with your friends anymore. If you used to go out to movies with your friends on weekends, you could do that from across the border as well. There are thousands of movies available on Netflix, and with the help of its watch party feature, you can stream it with your friends live and can have the fun discussion that you used to have in-person at the same time.

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