A Journey of Attendance Management System from Nadir to Zenith

The primary purpose of maintaining an attendance management system in any organization is to mark the presence of employees in a workspace. This management consists of some essential traits like check IN/OUT timing, break time, shift timings, out-duty details, leave details, holidays, and more of the employees. The attendance management system came into existence since the industrial revolution days when the business owner started taking workers on-board in their factories. And they were paying monthly salary to the hired employees based on their presence details in the workspace. 

And with the change of time and advances of technology, the attendance management system too got drastic changes. During the 18th century, this was managed manually by registering the name and timing of the workers in a register. Which currently in the 21st century has taken the shape of a tech-savvy, fully automatic, a complete TOUCHLESS, and a seamless attendance management system.   

Comparisons between the traditional and the current attendance management system.  
  • Manual updation- As we know, humans are prone to make errors, and they work within the boundaries of their mortal limitations. So manual updation of the attendance was good until the industries have a lesser number of employees. But if we compare the business scenario of the current time, then it has changed its face completely. Now there are millions of companies with billions of employees working in it. And the attendance management system has changed upside down after globalization, and currently, companies are working at various time zones from multiple locations. So to maintain this hectic and complicated system, we need some flawless attendance system to register and recognize a billion employees seamlessly for different time zones. 
    Today when the business world is rushing towards the fast-paced digitalization, and it desires the digital attendance management system. 
    In this regards KENT RO SYSTEM ltd. has come again with yet another breakthrough device, KENT CamAttendance. This attendance device uses the Artificial Intelligence based computer vision to recognize the presence of employees effectively. This device is a fully TOUCHLESS and a facial recognition device. 
  • Losing of data- In the manual attendance system, there were higher chances of losing the stored data. Even the latest attendance system which the business world was currently using, the biometric attendance system, was also vulnerable to data infiltration and data tampering. Now the biometric attendance system is banned in the wake of the global coronavirus outbreak, so the best available option present with us is to opt for a facial recognition system, KENT CamAttendance. CamAttendance works with more than 99.9% accuracy with 100% security with end-to-end encryption with AES 128-bit and HTTPS security. This cutting-edge device works even in the offline mode, which is a step ahead in comparison to the biometric attendance system, which does not function properly in the network exigencies. The CamAttendance has an in-built storage of 2 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM, which can store data of 10000 employees for 30 days. And it automatically stores back entire data on the master data on coming online again. 
  • Flexible attendance management – The primitive attendance system had one major fault of its availability at one location only. It was somehow working fine for smaller firms with less number of employees. But for larger firms with millions of employees operating from multiple locations, it was tough to manage. So the business units were always in the look for some attendance system that can be customized and can seamlessly work from multiple locations. And thus save valuable time of employees standing in a long queue in the morning and evening to mark their attendance. KENT CamAttendance attendance management system is a next-gen device with an option of creating an ecosystem of many devices being linked with the cloud server centrally. It comes with the flexibility of installing attendance devices on different floors, different buildings, multiple locations, and more. All attendance devices can be centrally linked with the end-to-end encrypted cloud server, and the data can be accessed at any time from anywhere.
  • Mast compliance- The business world has got changed entirely after the outburst of the pandemic coronavirus. Now the governing bodies have banned the biometric attendance system completely from the workspace. And going back again to the manual attendance will be a sudden and abrupt jerk to the fast-paced business world. So the best option available in the market in KENT CamAttendance. This device uses AI-based computer vision to recognize the employees, and it is facial recognition. This attendance system is a complete TOUCHLESS automated attendance system, which comes with the option of mask compliance option. Here it gives possibilities for recognizing employees with or without a mask. So CamAttendance works like a panacea for the offices which are located in the red zone containment area and highly affected by coronavirus spread. So to protect employees completely and is not only a TOUCHLESS but also works with putting a mask on the face. So this device is the need of time, and it will surely help the business world in keeping their employees safe and secure. 
So when we started making attendance on the manual basis, it was the nadir point or the beginning of this attendance system. And now in the technological advance has reached to the zenith via KENT CamAttendance. Now, this system has fixed all loopholes and plugins from all hitherto used attendance management systems used to date.
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