Avoid Carpet Repairs: Implement Carpet Protection Instead

Damaged carpets are unattractive, undesirable, and give the home a shabby and disgraceful look. They can also be hazardous, especially when they have holes and tears. Fortunately, our carpet professionals at Ryan Carpet Cleaning Services can help out with these issues because we are one of the best London carpet cleaning company. However, being able to prevent them is beneficial.

It's just like they say in the medical world: Prevention is better than cure.
If you want to understand the ways in which you can protect your carpet from damages and shabbiness and keeping them in prime and good conditions for a long time, then you might want to check out the tips below that have been gathered by our team of experts.
  • Put Carpets in Strategic Areas
Walking the same routes in your home is inevitable, due to your furniture settings, or because the routes are faster and easier, and you have grown used to them. Unfortunately, this isn't advantageous to your carpet because consistent walking on the same carpet path destroys carpet fibres over time, and creates trails that are easy to spot throughout your home. In addition to all the fibre damage, you easily bring in dirt and other debris that can discolour and potentially cause long term damage to the carpet. 

The panacea for this potential damage is to put down carpets in parts of the home considered high-traffic areas. This creates a blockage between your feet and the fibres and prevents them from getting squashed down, while also protecting the carpet against dirt and debris. It's an easy way to keep your carpets looking neat and new for a long time.
  • Coasters Underneath Furniture
If for any reason you have had to move your bed, couch, or dining table and you have noticed any form of indentations, you need to be on high alert and pay attention to the damage. Yes, it's possible for professionals to use certain techniques to repair your carpet and remove the dents, but sometimes the damage can be bad enough when the dents have seeped in too deeply to ever come out. 

To prevent such deep and irreversible indentations, it's best to make use of coasters underneath your heavy furniture. Once in a while, have regular intervals for furniture rotation. This is a good method because it ensures that the furniture weight isn't just balanced in a single spot, and damaging the flooring. The addition of coasters, however, ensures that your furniture moves smoothly over your carpet, and prevents any further carpet damage from occurring while moving heavy furniture.
  • Use Stain Repellants
Using stain repellants for your carpet is a good protective measure against accidental spills like blood, oil, urine or body fluids. When you have the repellants on every part of the carpet, it gives you a chance to quickly clean up the mess before any permanent damage happens to your carpet. 

Before making any purchases on stain repellants, it's best to discuss with a professional who is proficient in carpet cleaning and carpet repairs, so you can understand how to get top-notch stain repellants that will protect your carpets and keep them looking great. Our friendly professionals at Ryan Carpet Cleaning Services can help out with this.
  • Professional Cleaning/Repairs
While having stain repellants are good, every carpet owner needs to have a good relationship with a professional carpet cleaning service, and enable them to come around to clean their carpets at regular intervals. And if there is any damage as well, then a professional might need to take a look at the carpet as well, depending on the severity. At the very least, you should have your carpets cleaned twice a year, most commonly in the spring and fall. It's also a good idea to have them professionally checked out and cleaned more often. This will not just extend the lifespan of your carpet, but also keep them looking admirable and unsullied.
  • Attend To Spills
And you must do so immediately it happens. Once anything spills on your carpet (food, beverages, oil, blood, urine, etc.) clean up as soon as it happens. This is true for water as well because if moisture gets soaked up in your carpet, it could cause a growth mould even though it doesn't leave a stain, especially if your surroundings are humid. Once mould grows in your carpet, this is likely to be a permanent feature because it is practically impossible to remove.
  • No Shoes Please
To avoid carpet damage and consistent repairs, don't wear shoes on your carpets but make sure you leave them outside at your doorstep. Leaving them at the door means that you are saving your carpet from dirt, and debris that can negatively affect your carpet fibres and leave your carpet looking unattractive. Additionally, the designs of certain shoes can cause carpets to wear off easily and tear. High heels, for instance, should never be worn on the carpet. Cleat-designed shoes and shoes with deep treads can destroy fibres as well. If you want to maintain your carpet and keep them looking nice for a long time, keep your shoes away from them.

In conclusion, adding a carpet to any part of your house is an expensive task. However, it is done to make your home look well-furnished, and your floors pristine and good-looking. It is only natural to want them to look good for extended periods, as no one wants to be constantly caught changing carpets — a time consuming and expensive endeavour that could be prevented through simple maintenance. By simply following our outlined tips, you can keep your carpets in good shape and give them a long life. 
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