Industrial machinery and equipment manufacturers are determined to serve the small scale industry with the best possible products

Small scale industries (SSI) are those industries in which manufacturing, productions, and providing services are done on a micro scale or small scale. Small scale industry plays a crucial role in economic and social development in India. These industries do a single time investment in industries, plants, and machinery which could be on a hire or ownership or lease basis. 
Nearly half of the goods of the goods that are traded internationally from India are manufactured by these small scale industries. About 35% of explicit exports and 15% of the secondary exports are from these industries. So India’s export industry archly relies on these small industries for their development and growth.

Power Presses

A power press is a special machine that can bend any sheet of metal into a specific shape. There are several products made of metal that we use in everyday life like automobiles and electronic gadgets. The sheet metal must be cut and bent to form a special shape. In ancient times, this work was done manually, but now it is used to cut, bend and press metals to create precise shapes relayed by Power press manufacturers & exporters.

 The two main components are the stationery bed and the movable ram. Combination colors are combined with ram and bed, which helps to give the metal sheet a special look. The clutch, flywheel and crankshaft are the main components. A clutch is used to attach the spinning flywheel to the crankshaft. The crankshaft press then allows the rotary movement of the flywheel to the up and down motions of the ram. A work piece is given to die and the practice cycle begins. When the top and bottom of the stock material are pressed together, a re-formed part is formed. After a down stroke, a work piece formed in a certain shape is removed and the same device assigns another work piece to repeat cycling.

Shearing machine

The first step in fabricating a sheet metal piece is to cut it into size. Shearing machinery performs this function. Shearing machines are multi-purpose tools used to cut alloys and other sheet metals. Some shears cut the metal into plates or strips using angled scissors. Shearing is done by the action of two blades, one fixed on the cutting bed and the other moves vertically. Shear action moves gradually on the material from one side to the other. Rake is known as angular configuration of the blades. Rake and clearance are the types of material to be cut. In press type shears, the upper blade is bent 5 to 2.5 degrees relative to the lower blade. Hold a fixed bed with a blade attached to a pair of scissors, a vertically forward cross head and pins or feet that hold the material in place when cutting. A gauging system with stops is used to produce the specified work piece with desired sizes.

Drilling machine

 A drilling machine is called a drill press which is used to cut holes through wood, metal, or other materials. Drilling machines use a drilling tool which has cutting edges in its point. This cutting tool is placed on the drill press by chuck or Morse taper, which rotates at variable speeds. Drilling machines can be used to perform other operations. They can perform boring, counter-boring, counter-sinking, spot facing, reaming and tapping shared by Top machinery manufacturers companies. Drill press operators need to know how to set up the job set the speed and feed and supply for coolant to get an acceptable final product. The capacity or size of a drilling machine is usually determined by the largest stock that can be center-drilled. For example, a 15-inch drilling machine cans center-drill a 30-inch diameter stock. Other methods of determining the size of the drill are include the biggest hole that can be drilled, the distance between the spindle and the column, and the vertical distance between the spindle and worktable.

Lathe Machine

The lathe machine is a machine tool that gives the desired shape and size to a metal and removes metals from the work piece. Lathe machines are used in metal working, parts reclamation, wood turning, thermal spraying, metal spinning and glass working. Other activities you can do with the help of a lathe machine include sand, drilling, cutting, molding tools and drilling which are used to create symmetrical objects about the axis of rotation.

Hose Crimping Machine

Hose crimpers are un-powered and powered tools for joining metal fittings with sections of stiff and pliable and tubing. From simple and portable handheld tools designing for piecework to sophisticated and sometimes automated, bench-top, work cell or freestanding machines that are manufactured for high-volume and precision runs. Hose crimpers are required to attach a hose with 360 degree contact and reach the outer diameter (OD) of the metal fitting or part. Typically, handheld hose crimpers are used for single or low volume runs unveiled by top industrial machinery & equipment manufacturers. Hose crimping machines are used for additional purposes such as metal forming, shop floor production runs, industrial hose crimping, and machine shop maintenance. Hydraulic hose crimping and pneumatic hose crimping equipment are also available for automotive and aerospace applications.

Hammer Drill Machines

  • Corded drill with hammer option

 When you have access to an electrical outlet, a corded drill with a hammer option is a good choice, so you do not have to worry about using charged batteries stated by Hammer Machine manufacturers. They have more power and higher RPM.

  • Cordless drill with hammer option

Cordless hammer drills are the must have when you do not have any nearby access of electricity. The most trending 18 plus volt models have the same power as the corded devices. Perhaps, you do not have to dig hundreds of holes at once; the best options are these cordless wonders.

Rotary Cutters

The rotary cutter is a craft and fabric cutting tool with a very sharp round blade on the handle tool. The blade rotates and allows you to cut quickly and efficiently. They come in a variety of styles, maintaining shapes and sizes opined by sheet bending machine manufacturers.

Blade sizes range from 18mm, 28mm, 45mm and 60mm, all come with a safety lock so the blade does not protrude. Commonly used sizes are 45mm and 60mm.

The 45mm blade is the most regular size you will find. It is designed for small and medium sized sewing and quilting projects. The 60mm blade cuts large projects and passes through more layers at once. It is mostly used for large quilting projects rather than sewing apparels. 

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