Monsoon Footwear Guide

Monsoon calls for ‘easy to wear, easy to remove and easy to dry’ for every outfit and footwear we choose to wear in this season.

Monsoon is about greenery, cool weather, and anytime rain. You love rain but do your shoes love them? Well, we will guide you as to what you should do to keep your shoes and feet safe during this season. 

No close shoes

Footwear that has a close tip look will not allow your foot to breathe properly if it is wet. Opting for flip flops, sandals, crocs makes it easy for water to channel away and improve traction. 

Closed shoes take time to dry and if it is formal leather shoes it will make your feet feel warm and ultimately make you uncomfortable.

Getting Rid of the smell

Formal leather shoes for men and even the suede shoes being a close shoe always give out a foul smell if they get wet and are not dried properly. To get rid of the smell you can put some used tea bags or bags of silicon balls. Try carrying it around you never when it starts to rain.

Buy rainy shoes

Leather shoes or sandals do have the odor resistant property but they take time to dry once wet. So buy shoes that are waterproof and that can easily be dried. Buy footwear that is versatile and multipurpose i.e. light, waterproof, and durable in the rain.
Wearing a good pair of rainy shoes is helpful if it is not your office. Saves your time and money.

Wearing Suede shoes

Leather shoes for men are timeless and long-lasting too! But that doesn’t mean you are going to ruin them in those rainy days. The leather shoes or the suede shoes though require the minimum Maintenance but it also needs to be away from those drenching roads and weather to be specific.

Be very sure of the path you are traveling and get aware of the hacks to dry them as soon as they get wet. 

Hack for leather shoes to get dry easily

If your shoes have got drenched in the rain. Don’t worry calm down, make it stand leaning on the wall so all the water gathers in one place.

Then, take a piece of cloth and clean it, put some bits of paper fill that into the shoes, and wait for some time. The newspaper will soak the water and if not dried properly try putting more newspaper and then place near a fan, within10 to 20 hours it will be dry and you can then polish to get the shine back.

Instead of newspaper you can use the silicon balls bag if you have it helps in getting the smell and moisture out.

Don’t wear sandals

Yes, please don’t wear leather sandals as it not only ruins your look but simultaneously while you walk starts to play with the rain. With each step your sandal hitting the ground and taking the road dirt on your pants.

This is the most common mistake that men make. Just to get away with the fact of not ruining your pure leather shoes or suede shoes, don’t just wear sandals but sandals that are made for rain.

If you still wish to wear leather sandals, fold your pant and walk with safety, it won’t save your feet from getting in but will require your attention after you reach your destination.


Monsoon is the season that gives a mixed feeling. Getting wet in the rain and your footwear getting wet are two different moods. Be sure to not do the later and if you take care! Premium leather shoes need extra care this season. Your extra effort can make it last longer and look new every year. Make a smart move and get the maintenance of your shoes checked every time you walk back home.

Hopefully, we have given the tips and tricks to save your expensive pairs.

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