Syndicated Report by Leapfrog Strategy Consulting Explores Semiotic Codes of Safety During COVID19

New Report about The Reshaping of Indian Minds: The New Meaning of Safety Consciousness in COVID19

Semioticians Leapfrog Strategy Consulting Pvt Ltd released a brand-new syndicated research this month to understand how the Covid19 pandemic is reshaping people's understanding of safety and good health. Third in their series of research reports regarding the changing Indian mindset in the pandemic scenario, Leapfrog Strategy Consulting's research report is titled 'The Reshaping of Indian Minds: The New Meaning of Safety Consciousness in Covid Times'. It is based on 300 hours of analysis of 100+ texts by professional semioticians.

The Covid19 pandemic has given new significance to the banal handwash routine and has brought in words like social distancing into our vocabulary. Changing ideas and perceptions about any practice drives consumer behaviour and marketers are always keen to understand these. Delving into people's understanding of safety and good health, semiotics experts are helping brands and marketers decode culture, the hidden influencer, for the next stage of brand communication.

By examining texts and visuals from brand campaigns, decoding advertising campaigns about wellness, health, safety, hygiene etc during the pandemic scenario, Leapfrog Strategy Consulting Pvt Ltd has facilitated a better understanding of what safety meant to us in the pre-Corona phase, five ways in which COVID19 has reshaped our understanding of infection, hygiene and signs of good health. The report examines our understanding of safety with respect to being at home or outside, with respect to time certainty and uncertainty, and our notions of safety with respect to familiar / family people as opposed to outside people or unknown people, or even technology versus people.

This syndicated report by Leapfrog Strategy also reflects about how the Corona induced economic downturn has shifted our collective consciousness about financial security, a shift from spending to saving and investing. In the background of this economic recession, rituals of cleaning have moved from the banal, routine, act that we performed without thinking much; a whole new vocabulary – cleaning, sanitising, disinfecting, disposables, isolation, quarantining are just the beginning. These go to show that the COVID-era customer is now navigating through these new stances of safety / hygiene / cleanliness and the new vocabulary that comes with it.; a new normal in cleanliness and hygiene. Surely, the new post-COVID world consumer has understood that safety is now complicated and difficult and that s/he needs to be more careful, meticulous even, about safety. To that effect, this white paper by Leapfrog Strategy gives rare insights into the Indian consumers mind.  The syndicated report will help marketers better understand how to address the consumers concern about safety through visuals and position their brands stronger in their consumers' minds. It can help brands adapt, be relevant and effective communication by identifying the profound drivers that lead consumers in their category.

Semiotics is the study of communication through symbols that can belong both to linguistic and non-linguistic sign systems'. In other words, it is the science of searching for deeper meaning and decoding the underlying ideas behind words, actions, pictures, and so on...'. It looks at what people actually mean when they do certain things and how can brands take understand and adapt their communications to appeal to their consumers. Semioticians look at signs and symbols in theircultural context and look at their embedded meaning. The learnings from semiotics can be factored in while designing campaigns so that they help create strong associations, or decoding existing campaigns to understand the notions at play.

Since its inception in 2007, Leapfrog Strategy Consulting Pvt Ltd has built upon its credentials of providing solid knowledge of the market to their clients. They are a research-driven organisation based in Gurugram. Leapfrog Strategy Consulting offers strategies and planning to brands for understanding and entering new markets. Their cutting-edge expertise has helped brands leverage on their existing brand equity and helped clients strengthen and position their brand's growth within new or existing market cultures. The team members experience ranges from 5 to 30 years, with the founder HamsiniShivakumar's experience of advertising and consumer insight from her jobs in the 1980s through the 90s till she founded her specialist consultancy.

"We offer consultation and strategies based on data and driven by deep study. While creating the 'Syndicated Semiotics Study Report: The New Meaning of Safety Consciousness in Covid Times' our team has delved deep into consumer behaviour. Research is incomplete without understanding. Our expertise lies in drawing from various disciplines of social theory to "join-the-dots" for the readers so that they can easily interpret the valuable insights and apply them for their brands. This report is a comprehensive look into the Indian consumer mind and their ideas of safety and would help any marketer who looks to create messages that resonate with their consumers," says Director of Leapfrog Strategy Consulting, HamsiniShivakumar.

What should brands do considering they have continued putting themselves out there but have not had a chance to analyse what worked for them and what did not. Or even if they did, they have no accurate way of predicting what would work in this new normal. This inaccuracy is easily spotted early-on by consumers and impacts the brand. A cultural insights report and semiotic analysis go a long way in matching the customer thinking and behaviour.


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