What is an E-Commerce platform?

An E-Commerce merchant site (online sales site) is a web platform that allows a merchant to sell his products on the web. This platform generally has a secure payment system and offers a catalog whose products can be indexed in search engines.

A marketplace, or marketplace, refers to any platform that connects buyers and sellers on the Internet. The platform offers the merchant a qualified audience and simplified features, in exchange for a commission on sales. Here are some examples of well-known marketplaces:

  • Amazon
  • Ali Baba
  • eBay
  • Facebook marketplace

What are the types of E-Commerce platforms?

Open Source e-commerce platform

An open source e-commerce platform is a computer program, the source code of which is distributed under a license allowing anyone to read, modify or redistribute this system. However, it differs from free software, in the sense that Open Source is geared more towards an objective of collaborative development than towards the defense of individual freedoms. Open Source platforms require intermediate and advanced web knowledge. However, with the help of an experienced web developer, the possibilities are endless. As Open Source platforms, we find the content managers Woo Commerce (WordPress), PrestaShop, Open Cart, ecommerce, Virtue art (Joomla) and Drupal Commerce (Drupal).

Saabs E-Commerce Platform

Saabs stands for Software as a Service. The term refers to the delivery of software where users access the software online. Users typically pay a monthly or annual subscription to be able to use the software. The use of Saabs platforms allows better control of technical loads and rapid deployment. However, these platforms offer little flexibility and the possibilities remain limited to what they offer. Popular Saabs platforms include Shopify, Big Commerce, Wax, Square space, and Weekly

How to choose your E-Commerce solution?

Before determining the ideal online sales platform for marketing your products, it is necessary to take some time to reflect and analyze your needs in the short, medium and long term. Here is our ultimate list of questions to help you find the right E-Commerce solution for you.

What kind of products would you like to sell on your website?

  • Approximately how many products will your store have?
  • What type (s) of product (s) do you want to sell (physical, virtual, downloadable, content)?
  • Do you want to sell gift cards (physical, virtual)?
  • Do you offer optional gift wrapping?
  • Do you need online booking calendars with time slot (booking) or accommodation?
  • Will your site have exclusive paid Membership-style content?
  • Does your site require registrations with recurring renewal?
  • Are you going to sell sets (kit, bundle) of products?
  • Will you have any products on presale?
  • Will you need an online ticketing system?

What features do you need for your online store

  • Is it a store with online purchase or a product catalog with online quote requests?
  • Do you have a minimum purchase limit?
  • Do you need a displayed price according to the type of customer?
  • Do you need a product comparison page?
  • Do you have products with variation of photos (color, texture…)?
  • Addition of additional Tabs (sections) in the Product page (addition and customization)?
  • Is it a multi-currency store, with a currency converter widget?
  • Login to the account via a social account?
  • Will you need a form to fill out in a product?
  • Store credit system sent by email?

Do you have a marketing strategy to launch your new website?

  • Advertising with Google Ads?
  • Advertising with Google Shopping?
  • Advertising with Facebook ads?
  • Set up a promotional system on your website (ex.: 2 for 1, buy X and receive Y at 50%)
  • Google Analytics integration configured for E-Commerce?
  • Integration of a Facebook tracking pixel to track conversions?
  • Sending newsletters and Marketing Automation?
  • Pop-up programming?

How will your customer service be optimized to build your reputation online?

  • Live Chat
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Chabot

What types of payments will be offered on your online sales platform?

  • What billing system are you using right now (Fresh book, Salesforce, QuickBooks)?
  • Have you chosen a payment gateway?
    • Stripe (2.9% + $ 0.30 per transaction)
    • PayPal (2.9% + $ 0.30 per transaction))
    • Bambara (compatible with any banking institution) (2.8% + $ 0.30 per transaction)
    • Autorize.net (2.9% + $ 0.30 per transaction) + $ 49 upfront fee + $ 25 / month
    • Mongers
  • Do you have any other additional costs?
  • Do you offer down payments (advance deposits)?
  • Do you offer monthly or full payments (Deposits)?
  • Do you have payment methods according to the type of customer or according to the territory or the total amount, for example?

What are the delivery methods you want to offer your customers online?

  • If you are selling physical products that require delivery, what territory do you want to cover?
  • Have you determined the delivery methods (Canada Post, FedEx)?
  • Adding a delivery tracking code (manually) (Canada Post, FedEx, UPS) when ordering?
  • Do you have conditional and restrictive delivery methods (by product, category, and country)?
  • Do you want a return and warranty management system (duration, request)?
  • Can the customer have the choice of the delivery date (suggested date)?
  • Choice of delivery to multiple addresses?
  • Choice of several drop-off points?
  • Are the delivery costs fixed according to distance or travel time?
  • Adding notes by product after the order for the delivery team?

How will you manage the product inventory of your E-Commerce store?

  • Do you need to manage inventory?
  • Do you need a system connected to your inventory? What is your current inventory system?
  • Do you use an online point of sale (egg: Square)?

Do you want to connect your CRM (Customer relationship management) to your online store?

  • Do you use a CRM (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, SAP, and Zoo)?

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Do you need an expert to manage your web hosting?

  • Web hosting
  • Update and security
  • 24/7 emergency technical support
  • Setting up a content delivery network (CDN) for international sales
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