Author Anamika Mishra Speaks About Mental Health in a Video & It’s Worth the Watch

10th October is observed as the world mental health day. Everyone shares their experiences and try to spread awareness about the mental well-being of humans. This day is indeed important, especially when we all are going through such hard times because of the pandemic. People are getting depressed, feeling anxious and facing a lot of difficulties, may it be in personal life or professional. There are no jobs, salaries are being cut, people going bankrupt, family fights have increased, relationship issues and what not. Hence it is very important for us to spread awareness about keeping up the mental well-being and should try out ways for the same. 

Anamika Mishra, award-winning author of bestselling novels and India's top travel blogger, released a video on World Mental Health Day where she had shared her own experience of battling depression and anxiety. 

"Everyone has their own set of battles, some people show, some people hide, our job as humans is just to be kind to people everyone we meet. We are not sure who is going through what time, and we cannot force anyone to share their problems with us, but we can be KIND to them at least", said Anamika in her video.

Mishra recently lost her mother, in May 2020 and had had lost her dad in December 2018. The video she released is worth a watch and share. She appeals to people to be kind to anyone they meet, that's all. 

People often talk about diseases and illness but ignore talking about mental health. They hide their state of depression which is bad. 

When we spoke to Anamika about this video, she said "Maybe, people are scared to talk to their problems, because when someone talks and discusses, it is more like re-living the moments and at times it is very hurtful. I never talk about my parents with people and in public, because whenever I do, it reminds me that they are not with me and then I am back to square one. I made this video because I felt, there is a need for people to be kind. I see bullies, rudeness, sarcasm and ignorance all around, in people's behavior, especially on internet. My life used to be an open book, but since I faced these situations, I had a major setback and I realized how difficult it is to cope up. Not everyone is courageous enough to update everything on social media, I feel. Therefore, with this video I just wanted to spread awareness that kindness costs nothing. Be kind with everyone you meet" 

Here's the video that she released on her official youtube channel and on her official facebook page.

Author Anamika Mishra Speaks About Mental Health in a Video & It’s Worth the Watch Author Anamika Mishra Speaks About Mental Health in a Video & It’s Worth the Watch Reviewed by Newzpot on 01:31:00 Rating: 5
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