5 Top Skincare YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe

 Who doesn't know the skincare routine? It has been a staggering lifestyle over recent years. Even some new beauty industries start coming up to the surface. They don't want to miss this opportunity.

Most people like you and me, regardless of any gender, begin to pay attention to our skin health. If the skin is healthy, then we can say goodbye to major skin problems like acne.

The same goes for make-up. If the skin is healthy, then applying make-up would never be easier. It also glistens the skin even more.

The Benefit of Using Skincare Routine

Skincare carries a lot of benefits to the skin. It can make skin healthy and create a glowing-effect no matter the color you have. Here are some of the benefits if you apply a skincare routine daily.

Slow Down Aging

Anti-aging is one of the best seller beauty products in this industry. With this information, we know how many people want to stay young. Or at least to always look young. That is why the skincare routine is the best solution to intercept the aging skin. 

Prevent Face Skin Problem

Skincare can help prevent some skin problems such as dry skin, oily skin, dead skin cells, and eventually acne. One of the biggest causes of acne is that the dirt on a skin surface clogs the pores. These specks of dirt must be treated with face wash immediately to avoid acne development.

Moreover, skincare can also treat many types of skin problems like dry and oily skin. For instance, dry skin will lead to eczema, itchy skin, skin rash, wrinkles. The latter is one of the main causes of skin aging in the adult.

Improve Mental Health

It may look irrelevant, but it is. Having healthy skin leads to great mental health. Meanwhile, poor skin can cause anxiety that promotes depression.

In today's society, where everything is being judged, having a bad-skin day can sadden the receivers. Thus, managing a skincare routine can avoid these situations.

5 Top Skincare YouTube Channels

Since almost everyone wants healthy, radiant, and glowing skin, many of us rely on YouTube to watch tutorial videos, explainer videos of skincare products, skincare recommendations from experts, even insider skincare tips.

There are some skincare influencers on YouTube that you must subscribe to. They have a bunch of information about the daily skincare routine that you can follow. So, here they are: 

#1. Hyram (4.05 M subscribers)



Who said skincare is only for females? Skincare is for everyone, and that being said, this guy is one of the top male influencers on YouTube.

Hyram covers almost everything you need to know about skincare. It gains him a big number of YouTube subscribers as a result. He often does product reviews and gives educational information about skincare.

#2. Tina Yong (3.18 M subscribers)


Unlike the previous channel, Tina Yong includes a make-up section on her platform. She creates a wider audience by not only talking about skincare routines but also making DIY-crafts.

Tina Yong has the most popular video in which she removed blackhead using only a tweezer. That was so impressive to remember that it is not supposed to be used like that.

#3. Beauty Within (2.37 M subscribers)


Beauty Within has over 25-sections that ranges from anti-aging series, daily skincare routine to work from home (WFH) edition. Founded by two women: Felicia and Rowena, Beauty Within is now going serious on business.

This formerly skincare YouTube channel has expanded into the beauty and wellness industry. It also shares the adventure of its founders' tryout of a new product while discussing it.

#4. Cassandra Bankson (1.32 M subscribers)


With over 1 million subscribers, Cassandra Bankson has created many videos related to her skincare routines. She also makes a skincare video reaction and shares her opinion to the viewers about the dos and don'ts when trying out skincare products.

Cassandra Bankson has gone as far as debunking the beauty products that may trigger some brands. However, her honesty gets her loyal subscribers with almost 100K views per video.

#5. Liah Yoo (1.12 M subscribers)


This Korean YouTuber often talks about k-beauty products. Over recent years, the Korean beauty industry has exponential growth. Thanks to its Hallyu wave, a.k.a Korean Wave that brings its amusing entertainment to the world like k-drama and k-pop.

Liah Yoo shares her skincare routines too. She also makes her personal vlogs and travel vlogs for her loyal viewers. Besides, there is a section for make-up tutorial ala k-beauty from one of her playlists. 

The Verdict

The beauty industry is ever-growing, so are skincare products. They are now becoming the new commodities for any gender to try out. Skincare helps people get healthy skin as well as avoid skin problems.

These skincare YouTube channels above are worth subscribing to to get more information about this industry. Good luck!


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