Newbie Training Mistakes and How to Avoid them

 When you get into fitness, like really get into it, performance and your stamina are all that matters. You become your own judge. Sculpting yourself into a bodybuilders’ body is no easy feat. It takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication. You cannot expect overnight results either. For that, one must train hard and train right. 

When you have started training, you have to make sure that you are not guilty of making these mistakes. Bodybuilding is not only a change in your physique. It is a change in your lifestyle from your diet to sleep to exercise regimen, everything impacts the final results. There could be many reasons as to why you are performing slowly or poorly. Apart from this, your mental health also impacts your fitness goals. 

All in all, doing these mistakes could end up messing everything. And if you are not aware of what you are doing wrong, it could end your fitness journey. Now, as said earlier, you cannot get bulging biceps in a week. Building the body takes time. However, if you happen to be one of those people who cannot see any results or perform well, continue reading.

You are Training with an Empty Stomach

Ask any fitness expert, and they would tell you it’s a disaster. Do not starve yourself. You should now go to the gym when you are hungry. Nor should you stop yourself from eating when you hit the gym. It is the recipe for the ultimate disaster. If your training session requires you to train with intensity and volume, you should consume carb and protein at least an hour before working. Also, for optimum performance, you can include a workout shake as well. 

You are Over-thinking and Stressing Yourself

This is no rocket science. When you overthink, you end up putting yourself under stress. All you have to do is get everything out of your mind, focus on your fitness goals, and simply get to the grind! This has become a common issue because many training programs have entirely forgotten the key rules of linear progression. To go up on the ladder of your goals, first of all, you need to have the willpower to do so. You should be strong enough to handle more volume. That is what is going to bring you results. 

So, for starters, formulate a plan for yourself where you add about 3 to 5% of weight every week as well as adding a set to your exercise routine. Once you have done that, you can begin training with 80% of your max weights. And work your way up to 95% without fail. 

Quitting on Carbs

No one can deny the effects of carbohydrates on your performance. Carbohydrates are essential for your proper workout performance. When you are training with enough intensity, you are required to take about five grams of carbs per every two training sets. This makes it 50 grams of glycogen for fueling of a regular 20-set workout. 

You can have a whey or maize shake during a workout and take a low-fat meal post-workout.

Too Many Cheat Days

This is something too many of us are guilty of. Not only aspiring bodybuilders. Anyone who is serious about fitness and goes to the gym, they know it well enough that one needs to have control of their junk food intake. See that you only have one cheat meal a week if you are lean. This makes it males under 12% and females under 15%. But many of us have about 12000 calories plus. This literally throws your entire week’s dieting down the drain. 

Not Knowing or Using Recovery Options

Not everyone gets into fitness at an early age. For example, in the teenage years. Manu starts much later and sticks to it. Those who begin training a lot later should know that they cannot do without assisted recovery. See that you have a weekly appointment for massages or acupuncture, depending on your budget of course. These are necessary to soothe the sore muscles. Also, there are a few insurance plans that cover acupuncture as well. As for massages, see that you get the services of an experienced and skilled masseuse. Massages can be great for relieving the body from pains and a person who knows the pressure and trigger points can help you get rid of the pain.

It would seem expensive at first, and physically hard too, but in the long run, you would find amazing benefits. See that you incorporate it into your routine somehow.

Going Overboard with Steroids and Supplements

There are a few things we tend to overboard with. For example, our favorite food, or coffee, or anything else. Caffeine is the most common thing that fitness people tend to go overboard with. Caffeine is taken to feel energized. However, you should know that doing too much of it can impact your performance. See that you have at least two or three caffeine-free days. Also, excessive caffeine takes a toll on your nervous system and impact your muscle recovery process. 

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