The Future of Work: Are Your Skills Up-to-Date?

 As an employee in an incredibly disruptive period for the workforce, your concern should always be whether or not the skills you have now are relevant to the future of work. If the answer is no, then you need to be asking yourself why you are not updating those skills and making yourself a more valuable asset for the future of work. Not updating your skills is a quick way to get caught in a workforce disruption.

Given the global pandemic and the rise of the technological age, you should be even more concerned about updating your skillset and creating a dynamic toolkit that can make you an asset in the future of work. To do this, it’s important to look at the careers that are leading the disruption of the workforce. By doing so, we can evaluate the skills they use and the important skills to develop in order to stay relevant as an employee.


Cybersecurity is a relatively new field that uses a slew of technological skills. If ethical hacking seems like something you may be able to do or learn, then this may be a potential future career worth developing the skills for. To that end, the biggest skills used in cybersecurity is also one that is used extensively in a number of other fields: coding. 

There is no shortage of coders out in the world, but the best of the best opt to become cybersecurity professionals. Essentially, the people in this field protect the vast amounts of data that companies store and ensure that no one is capable of hacking into their servers and stealing personal information. Without cybersecurity professionals, there would be no one between your credit card information and a hacker.

The skills needed to launch this career are mainly analysis and coding. If you believe you can acquire one, or both, then perhaps this is a career path that may suit your interests. Consider entering this field if you want a dynamic job that has extreme growth potential.

Front End Development

On the topic of coding, front end developers are also extremely important to the future of work. Members of this profession are responsible for building the front end of websites and telling those websites how to react when you click on a certain area. They also handle some design aesthetics. 

People who boast the skills needed to thrive in this field are knowledgeable coders with an eye for design. These are two skills that will be extremely useful to the future of work and, if you have them now, this is certainly a career you should consider switching into. The Bureau of Labor Statistics even shows this field growing at a rate of eight percent over the next decade, which helps ensure the survivability of this field. 

Additionally, picking up the skills needed for this field has never been easier. As far as coding goes, there are a number of coding bootcamps that are extremely helpful to becoming a front end developer. These bootcamps can teach you everything you need to know about launching a career in front end development, and gaining coding skills would be extremely helpful in general for the future of work.

Data Science

As far as skills that are applicable to the future of work go, there are few as important as data science. Members of this profession use data analytics to create informed business decision advice that they can then give to the clients who hire them. Both analytical skills and mild coding skills are needed to succeed in this job.

As a whole, analytical and coding skills are the two most important for launching almost any tech field. If you hope to stay relevant in the future of work, developing those two skills is the best course of action for anyone.  


Regardless of how you look at it, the future of work and the jobs in that future are changing faster than anything. Getting on top of that change by developing a unique skill set that lines up with the future of work is the best way of tackling those changes head-on. Don’t allow yourself and your current career to fail simply because you didn’t get your skills updated for the future of work. Study what employers are looking for and which careers are thriving now so that you may begin to understand which skills will be the most valuable in future career paths.

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