Why is it extremely important to consult a career counsellor for your career decision?

Today's world offers a wide range of career options, hence determining what to choose comes as a significant challenge. 

Everywhere else in the world, a student chooses his career after he finishes high school but in India, most of the student choose their career after engineering. This is because of the fixation of parents about a few limited careers in India.

Parents always want the best for their children, but sometimes the aspirations of parents and the dreams of children come at crossroads in the murky territory of social image. Parent's sometimes push their children to do what Sharma Ji's child is doing, but they fail to understand that there is a difference between aptitudes and will. Just because your child can do something does not mean he wants to do it.

That is why the children should be given adequate information and guidance to make an educated decision on their careers, lest the parents want to exchange a laptop for a wildlife photography camera like Farhan Qureshi's parents. And let's accept it, it is a reality.

But in the race of cracking JEE and NEET, our ability to articulate our thoughts about their careers have somewhat atrophied. Parents may not know every single eligibility criteria for a career like Actuary or Industrial research or may be for some other lesser known but exciting streams/profession. And that is where one need a career counselling; a helping hand of a career counsellor.

Career counselling is about empowering parents/students with choices regarding their career, aspirations and professional life. Career counselling is a one on one interaction between the practitioner and the client involving the use of psychological theory and communication skills. The key focus is to help the client make an informed career-related decision and help them deal with career-related issues. 

Career counsellor assists clients in analyzing expectations and opportunities for career choices. They also provide a person with the ability to understand and explain the what, when and how to understand and discover their passion and identify them.  Also, they help them to apply one's unique skills, talents, values and inner resources to achieve the goal.

Next time do not hesitate to consult one for the better understanding of the future of your child. After all, we are talking about the career of your child and nothing can be more important to you.

Remember, there is more to career and professions than just engineering or medical.


I am Monalisa Singh, a Career Counsellor, Teacher, a blogger and an Entrepreneur.
Since the past 20 years, I am involved in teaching and helping students find their right careers. My endeavor is to understand the psychological needs of students and their parents, studying the intricacies of human relations, along with their underlying behavioural needs.
An MA in Psychology, I am a Certified Career Counsellor, also Certified in Psychological Counselling PGDHRM, M Com
Through my Interactions and experiences in counselling I enable kids, students and parents combat depression and anxiety, overcome fears, thereby engaging psychologically with them to ultimately find the perfect career plan from the career cluster.
My core values are altruism, love and equality. "Life is about evolving. Don't stay in a situation that's not helping you grow mentally, spiritually and emotionally".

-11 years of Teaching Experience
-1 year experience as Career Counsellor at T.I.M.E.
- Six years of behavorial counselling for kids, parent counselling for child management, career counselling.

Why is it extremely important to consult a career counsellor for your career decision? Why is it extremely important to consult a career counsellor for your career decision? Reviewed by Newzpot on 03:13:00 Rating: 5
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