How to last longer during love life


Are you looking for a way to last longer during love? Do you often encounter the problem of premature ejaculation get Fildena 100 to cure erectile dysfunction? After a few minutes, she is after making love, and your girlfriend is disappointed, and so are you? Avoid similar troubles and try to fight them. 

How to last longer during love

Read our tips on how to increase endurance in bed, enjoy, stay longer during love, and make a happy partner yourself.

Proper breathing

It would help if you learned how to breathe correctly. It is also essential during love because normal breathing will prolong your activity in bed. However, most men do not do this; they are often out of breath during the prelude because their partner is so excited. However, if you breathed naturally and relaxed, do not let yourself get hot immediately after a few moments. Your physical stamina could easily double. For example, train during another physical activity to regulate your breathing and then transform your experience even during tender moments with your half.

Masturbation "before."

This technique is very old and known to everyone, but not everyone is at will. You should try it if you are serious about prolonging endurance during love. Even if it's not "real" for the second time, it's definitely worth it, and you won't be discouraged. You can't talk about too much change here, but you will feel it, and you will last longer during love.

Second round - a chance of rescue

If it comes to you, let it go. It just can't be prevented, and your body doesn't want to obey you. But be sure to prepare for the second round, when endurance during love is much longer. Take a short break and keep going, because your partner is definitely waiting for you. Please don't be ashamed and don't be very tired all of a sudden, because it was only a few minutes. Take a chance and convince her of your qualities. Gradually, the first round will increase in minutes. It just takes exercise to endure more love.

Take care of your partner, as well.

Often men think only of themselves. However, you can't be arrogant and selfish in bed, and you have to think about your partner as well. Therefore, it may be useful to stop for a while and deal with it in other ways. You will definitely benefit from this little break, and you can go back to where you left off. You can take more of these pauses, but it depends on the situation you have to guess.

Think of something ... asexual

Of course, the mind affects many things, and this is true in this case as well. If you want to stay longer during love and stay in the game, think of something that doesn't really excite you. It can be an object or an activity that has nothing to do with love. Try it, and you will see the difference. But there is no need to exaggerate. It can happen that you lose your taste entirely, which is precisely the worst thing you can do. Therefore, you will find an object that only suppresses your excitement for a moment, and after a while, you will fully devote yourself to your activities again.

There are other solutions to extend endurance in bed.

There are several recommendations or tips on how to last longer during love. Many others are associated with either mild pain or pressure. However, this is not the path you should take. However, it is up to you which rule you use. If neither of them helps, there is a rescue in the form of Fildena 150 or vigora 100 tablets. These tablets can prolong physical intercourse by up to 60 minutes.

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